21 Hottest Milfs In Hollywood

In the last several years, it seems like it has become fashionable to become a mother. While many of Hollywood’s starlets have been able to make the transition seem easy, others have not. Below is the list of 21 of the sexiest moms in Hollywood, as well as their age and child bearing stats – hopefully it helps to illustrate how much more milfilicious they really are.

Jessica Alba


Stats: 27 Years Old; 1 Child.

What can be said about Jessica Alba that already has not been said a million times. She is pretty much flawless, and Cash Warren is a lucky man.

Kate Beckinsale


Stats: 35 Years Old; 1 Child.

Hailed as the “England’s 1 Beauty” by British tabloid, Ok! magazine, Beckinsale is a dish. She gets bonus points for playing a death-dealer slaying vampire, dressed in leather in 2003’s Underworld. And for this, she has been the obession of every nerdy, twenty-something male at least once in their lives…

Monica Belluci


Stats: 44 Years Old; 1 Child.

Monica Bellucci is more smoking that women half her age. At 44, she is the living proof that European women age better than their American contemporaries. It must be the olive oil or something.

Brooke Burke


Stats: 37 Years Old; 4 Children.

It’s hard to believe that everyone’s favorite Wild On! host is really 37 years old…or that she has given birth to four children. Even so, she still has an ass that her male fans would give their left arm just to east sushi off of.

Christina Aguilera


Stats: 28 Years Old; 1 Child

The whole world is happy that Christina Aguilera has eventually emerged from her wildly trashy ‘Stripped’ stage, where she wore horrible dreadlocks and ass-less, yellow, patent leather chaps. It all happened just in time for her to become a mother last year, and for her to come back to a place where we are all infatuated with her once again.

Victoria Beckham


Stats: 34 Years Old; 3 Children

As one half of Britain’s most famous couple, Vicoria “Posh” Beckham is famous entirely for her looks (and being part of the Spice Girls) . She also married soccer pretty boy, David Beckham in 1998, has since shot out three kids for him and still manages to look this good. While, she is probably half-cyborg or something – at least she looks it – we are all still happy to see her go bra-less on the regular.

Jennifer Connelly


Stats: 38 Years Old; 2 Children

While we are lucky that Jennifer Connelly is not our mom – after her final scenes from A Requiem For a Dream – it’s hard to believe that she has kids. Unlike many of her contemporaries, she avoids the limelight, especially with her children. And after realizing that she is a mother of two, it makes her perfect body all the more impressive.

Demi Moore


Stats: 46 Years Old; 3 Children

Saint Elmos FireStrip Tease... Indecent Proposal…Demi Moore is the original Hollywood Milf. So much so, that her current husband, Ashton Kutcher (31) was willing to settle down with a woman 17 years his senior. While she might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no denying she looks pretty damn good for her age.

Diane Lane


Stats: 44 Years Old: 1 Child

Definitely the sleeper on this list, Ms. Lane has done an incredible job of staying fit in her mid-forties. For those who doubt the merit of her inclusion in this list, just do a Google image search…

Faith Hill


Stats: 41 Years Old; 3 Children

Pretty much every man in America has once in their life wished to be Garth Brooks. At 41, she is what Jessica Simpson aspires to look like if she doesn’t blow up (from eating, not exploding) first.

Jennifer Garner


Stats: 36 Years Old; 2 Children

While being married to Ben Affleck may be enough to prevent Garner from making any list, she is just too hot to be excluded from this one. Even after giving birth to two daughters – just look at that picture and try to convince yourself otherwise.

Gwen Stefani


Stats: 39 Years Old; 2 Children

Gwen Stefani is not only a hotter version of Brittany Murphy, she has grown into a timeless beauty. From grungy ska girl to this (above), she shows that some women can age like a fine wine. She also gets bonus points for being au natural.

Halle Berry


Stats: 42 Years Old; 1 Child

Halle Berry is probably most famous for being the only reason why anyone would watch Swordfish. She also was voted the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire in October 2008 – just a few months after giving birth to her first child – and, we are not going to get all argumentative about that. Ms Berry – we salute you, and your fantastic breasts.

Heidi Klum


Stats: 35 Years Old; 3 Children

Heidi Klum is flawless even after having three children. For those of us that grew up reading their older sisters’ Victoria Secrets catalogs, we now have the good fortune of watching her on television (on mute) on “Project Runway”. Heidi, when are you going to do Playboy?

Katie Holmes


Stats: 30 Years Old; 1 Child

If only we could free Katie Holmes from Tom Cruise’s Scientologist prison compound, and set her free in the world…

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudsonsource

Stats: 29 Years Old; 1 Child

Kate Hudson is one of those actresses that seems to get better looking every time you look at her. We just hope she doesn’t start looking like Goldie Hawn anytime soon.

Isla Fisher


Stats: 33 Years Old; 1 Child

This bodacious Aussie is probably best known for her role as a nymphomaniac, opposite Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers. I wish she was like that in real life, was not married to the guy that plays Borat, and was dating me.

Mila Jovovich


Stats: 33 Years Old; 1 Child

Ever since The Fifth Element, most men have harbored at least a mild infatuation with this Ukrainian piece of ass. Jovavich is the perfect combination of sultry, beautiful and being fit as hell. Is that ever a bad combo?

Liv Tyler


Stats: 31 Years Old; 1 Child

Liv Tyler broke into celebrity playing psuedo-lesiban in Aerosmith’s (her dad’s band) 1993 music video for “Crazy”. But she is perhaps best known for her role as the smoking hot “Lady Arwen” throughout The Lord of The Rings film trilogy. I think this helps explain why the sale of elf costumes in sex shops have grown exponentially in the last five years.

Josie Maran


Stats: 31 Years Old; 1 Child

Who doesn’t love this supermodel? Josie Maran is phenomenal. Don’t you just want to crawl into that photo behind her?

Reese Witherspoon


Stats: 33 Years Old; 2 Children

She annoyed everyone in Legally Blonde; she impressed everyone in Walk the Line. Reese Witherspoon has a very “girl next door” look to her, and although there are some haters out there, she is quite the sexpot. Jake Gyllenhaal is a lucky man, even if he has to help her take care of her kids.

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