Eric Church slams Blake Shelton for The Voice


Mediocre (At best) country star, Eric Church, is sounding off on The Voice judge/star, Blake Shelton. Shelton, who is of course part of the breakout NBC singing competition, has had an incredible two years. Not only was he married to fellow Country star, Miranda Lambert but he’s taken home Top Male Vocalist awards at both…

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Octomom files for Bankruptcy


As if we all didn’t see this coming. According to TMZ, Nadya Suleman AKA, Octomom has filed for bankruptcy. Just last month the mom of 14, went onto federal assistance, receiving foodstamps to help feed her large family. Today in federal court, Suleman filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

23 WTF Moments of Jersey Shore

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What do you get when you put a bunch of vain, meatheaded, sex-and-alcohol-crazed Guidos in a house? The Jersey Shore. The show, as a whole, makes us lose hope for humanity more and more with each passing season. Here are 23 WTF moments from The Jersey Shore that will probably be remembered longer than any educational show on television these days.