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28 Pieces of WTF Art from Japan

Japan is full of WTF, but the Japanese probably say that about us fat, slovenly Americans, too. Regardless, the Internet loves to get its panties in a bunch (which it later sells in Japanese vending machines) over weird Japanese art.

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24 Hipsters on Weird Bikes

Hipsters love them some bikes. They have forums in which thousands upon thousands of hipsters vie for attention by posting images of the most bizarre, obnoxious, and impossible-to-ride bikes they can construct. Is it cool to be pretentious, or pretentious to be cool? You decide.


16 Hilarious Video Dating Disasters

These lonely hearts just want the same thing as everyone else — sexy, beautiful women who will call them back and not walk out on them. Here they are talking about their best qualities, their worst dating experiences and why you should give them a shot. Why be alone on Valentine’s Day when all these people are single and waiting for you?