Kaley Cuoco Will Host 2012 People’s Choice Awards

Kaley Cuoco People's Choice Awards Host

The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco, Julianne Hough of Footloose fame, singer Joe Jonas, and TV personalities Sharon Osbourne and Busy Philipps will announce the nominees for the 2012 People’s Choice Awards on Nov. 8.

Justin Bieber Reaches Two Billion Views on YouTube

Way to go Beliebers! Pop Messiah Justin Bieber has reached a new milestone on the Interwebs; the 17-year-old crooner has become the first person to reach two billion views on his official YouTube channel. As hardcore bubblegum pop fanatics will testify, The Biebs skyrocketed to superstardom in 2008, after finding fame posting YouTube videos of…

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Humphries-Kardashian Divorce Sets Off Gay Marriage Debate

Humphries-Kardashian Divorce

People said it would never last, and well, it hasn’t! After just 72 days of marriage, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are calling it quits. And if a trashbag socialite of questionable morals like Kimmy can get married and divorced in less time than it takes some people to digest calamari, why can’t gay people…

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Halloween 2011: What the Stars Wore…

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Happy Halloween everyone! Which two celebs both dressed up as Jennifer Lopez? Which Glee star dressed as a sea monkey? And which 78-year-old plastic surgery fanatic dressed up as Suri Cruise?