Anderson Cooper Talk Show Promo

It’s Anderson — on a bike! Check out this video of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper huffing around the City That Never Sleeps as he promotes his new self-titled daytime talk show. Anderson Cooper premieres Sept. 12. Will you watch?

Norwegian Terrorist’s Twitter Account Hacked

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The Twitter account believed to belong to Anders Behring Breivik, @AndersBBreivik, which may or may not still be live by the time you see it, was apparently hacked Sunday afternoon.

Al Pacino’s Daughter Pinched For DUI


Perhaps Freddy Krueger said it best: “Kids…Always a disappointment.” Julie Pacino, the 21-year-old daughter of Emmy/Tony/Oscar-winning acting icon Al Pacino, was arrested in The Big Apple over the weekend after New York City cops caught the silver spooner trying to dash through a police checkpoint with suspended plates and under the influence of drugs and…

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Miley Cyrus Gay Marriage Support Tattoo

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Tat’s sooo Miley! We haven’t heard much on the “Miley Cyrus Front” since the Queen of Tweens & Questionable Photo Scandals decided to kick the salvia to the curb and keep her clothes on for a change. So imagine our surprise to find that Miles is back on The Goss Wire this weekend after taking…

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Watch Britney Spears’ Niece Maddie Cover Aunt Britney’s “Up N’ Down”

Spears Stans, Take Note: Little Maddie Briann has given us two tips for covering her famous Aunt Britney’s charttopping hits. 1.) Be Adorable 2.) Come Armed With Some Kick-Ass Dance Moves… It looks like Brit’s little niece Maddie may soon be following in her superstar aunt’s famed footsteps.

Norway Killer Could Be Sent to Luxurious Prison [VIDEO]

If Anders Behring Breivik (the lunatic who recently set off a bomb in Oslo before shooting up a youth camp and leaving dozens dead) is convicted, he’ll likely be sent to a Norwegian prison that looks more like a spa than a lock-up for violent offenders.

16 Celebrities Who Are Smarter Than You Think


In general, it doesn’t take a lot of brains to make it in Hollywood, especially if you’re gorgeous and lucky. There are a bunch of celebrities who we know are smart (see: Natalie Portman) and there are many, many more who we know don’t have two brain cells to rub together (Matthew Mcconaughey, Tara Reid).…

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Gwyneth Paltrow Tweets Proposition to Her Husband


I still think she’s a pretentious, overrated priss, but tweets like this at least prove Gwyneth Paltrow — who’s married to Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin — has a sense of humor. If only Martin had tweeted back, “I don’t know, but I’ll talk to the drummer for you.”

Playmates Say Hef is Just Fine in the Sack


After Crystal Harris went on “Howard Stern” and said she’d only slept with Hugh Hefner once and that he was rather jack-rabbit-like in bed, some of the Playboy lothario’s other beauties are setting the record straight.

Ashton Kutcher’s New “Two And A Half Men” Promo

Ashton Kutcher Two And A Half Men Promo

“Men men men men, manly men men men!” Another image from the new Charlie Sheen-less Two and a Half Men has been released. Dressed in a classic tuxedo and red bow-tie (trucker Hat sold separately…), Ashton Kutcher joins Two and a Half Men castmates Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones for a promo snap…and Sheen…

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Lady Gaga Book Of Photographs To Be Released

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Mama Monster is headed to the shelves of a bookseller near you. A coffee-table book featuring “intimate” portraits (Down boys, not those kinds of intimate portraits…) of Lady Gaga “as never before seen” — which we presume means she’ll actually be wearing pants and a sensible pair of shoes for once.