Prince Albert Wedding To Charlene Wittstock Still Set For This Weekend

Don’t believe the hype! Reps for Prince Albert of Monaco — the son of late film legend Grace Kelly — say that despite Watercooler Chatter to the contrary, the eternal bachelor and his fiancee, South African beauty Charlene Wittstock are still set to walk down the aisle at Monaco Palace without a hitch this weekend.

10 Badass Celebrities Killed in Car Crashes

09 - Rollino

“Live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse,” may have been the motto of a young John Derek in the 1949 movie Knock on Any Door, but not all of popular culture’s most iconic figures went out in a blaze of glory while they were still in their youth. Indeed, some celebrity badasses have…

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Did Michael Jackson Give Aaron Carter Cocaine?

Aaron Carter Michael Jackson Confession

Did Aaron Carter share more than graham crackers and “Jesus Juice” with “Thriller” icon Michael Jackson? (We were going to insert a crude joke here, but you can fill in the blanks yourself…)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Suicide Attempt

More trouble for alcoholic actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers: The Tudors star, 33, was hospitalized in London this week after a possible suicide attempt. According to tipsters for Britain’s The Sun, Meyers was found slumped on the floor of his London home by paramedics on Tuesday night after he tried to take his own life with…

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