The 50 Hottest Women of American Idol


American Idol isn’t quite the cultural juggernaut it once was, especially with 2/3 of the original judging cast now replaced with sort of bizarre choices, but there’s something American Idol is still good for: extremely hot contestants. It’s a time worn strategy to placate guys roped into watching the show by their significant others, and…

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Corey Haim Oscars In Memoriam Snub

Corey Haim Left Out Of Oscars Tribute

Notice anyone missing from last night’s In Memoriam Oscars Tribute? Each year, the Academy of Motion Picture & Film Sciences pays tribute to the work of late Hollywood stars who passed away in the preceding year. And each year, it seems some dearly departed film idol is left lost in the sauce in a sometimes…

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Lady Gaga “Born This Way” Music VIDEO Premiere

Listen Up, Little Monsters: On Monday, Lady Gaga debuted the music video for “Born This Way,” the No. 1 hit song she premiered at the Grammy Awards only to watch it skyrocketing up the charts in more than 18 countries. “[It is “the birth of a new race within the race of humanity. The birth…

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Charlie Sheen On “The TODAY Show” VIDEO

Charlie Sheen On The TODAY Show

In an interview with NBC’s Jeff Rossen, haggard actor Charlie Sheen says that the executives who shut down Two and a Half Men are trying to destroy his family and take his money. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Lindsay Lohan Jimmy Kimmel Post-Oscars Special Spoof Cameo

Jail-bound Lindsay Lohan laughed off her latest legal woes during a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Post-Oscars special, which aired on ABC on Sunday night. Never one to shy away from poking fun at the mess that has become her life (Remember her skit with Chelsea Handler at last summer’s MTV VMAs?), LiLo joined…

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