Tonya Harding Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Shamed former figure skating champ Tonya Harding, 40, gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Feb. 19, despite reportedly spending the earliest stages of her pregnancy in a drunken stupor.

Is Alex Pettyfer Stalking Dianna Agron?

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Dianna Agron’s feeling anything but Gleeful after calling it quits with beau Alex Pettyfer. The actress has reportedly checked into a Los Angeles hotel under a false name after her recent breakup with the Beastly actor turned ugly.

Paris Hilton Birthday Cake Stolen And Donated To Homeless Shelter

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You’ve heard of robbing the rich to fed the poor, but even Robin Hood couldn’t deliver a deal this sweet. Paris Hilton’s 30th birthday celebration hit a snag last weekend when the heiress’ three-tier birthday cake was mysteriously stolen — only to reappear days later in the form of a donation to the homeless.

George Clooney’s Past Torpedoes Political Aspirations

George Clooney Past Torpedoes Political Aspirations

In this week’s edition of Newsweek Magazine, George Clooney says he has done “too many drugs” and dated (Or shagged, depending on who’s telling the story…) too many beautiful women to ever run for a political office.

Justin Bieber Request Invitation To Playboy Mansion

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Justin Bieber, who turns 17 next month, hopes his mature “new haircut” will help him get an exclusive invitation to a place most teenage boys only dream of going. No — we’re not talking about Selena Gomez’s bedroom. We’re talking about the Playboy Mansion! Guess The Hef doesn’t check IDs!

Kanye West “All Of The Lights” VIDEO Linked To Seizures

A British foundation for people with epilepsy is calling for an online ban for Kanye West’s “All of the Lights” video amid allegations that the excessive use of flashing imagery in the promo may cause seizures in some people.

Ke$ha Remix Album Available March 22

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Listen up, Music Fans: Ke$ha is releasing a new disc — this one titled I Am The Dance Commander + I Commander You To Dance: The Remix Album — on March 22.

Hugh Hefner Crystal Harris Wedding June 18

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Start checking the mail: You may just be invited to a wedding at the Playboy Mansion. Hugh Hefner has set a date for his forthcoming nups to his 24-year-old fiancee Crystal Harris.

Justin Bieber Hair Donated To Ellen DeGeneres For Charity Auction

After Ellen Tweeted that all she wanted for her birthday was a lock of Justin’s recently unshagged hair, the teen heartthrob responded by dropping in to The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday with a box containing some of his sought-after locks. Be still, Beliebers! Before you start flooding Ellen’s Twitter timeline with threats of car bombs…

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MTV “Skins” PG-Version [A Parody]

It’s infuriated everyone from corporate sponsors to media watchdog groups, now see what television’s new most controversial series would look like if it were targeted toward 10-year-olds! Hey, don’t count it out just yet. There’s a thriving market for it this kind of concent over at Nickelodeon!

Larry King One-Man Show Kicking Off In April

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Larry King’s taking his show on the road. The 77-year-old broadcast legend hung up his microphone and suspenders as host of CNN’s Larry King Live last December, but he’s already planning a US tour for his one-man stage show — aptly-titled Larry King: Standing Up.

Mike Tyson, Oscar The Grouch Give Academy Award Predictions

Hollywood’s biggest night is set for this Sunday, Feb. 27 and as Oscar the Grouch reveals his Oscars predictions former Heavyweight Champion of the World, Mike Tyson sits down with the current movie champion, Leonard Maltin to discuss the top Oscar nominees for Best Picture and the best actors and actresses. “First, I was horrified…

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Cee-Lo Green Maroon 5 Frontman Adam Levine Judging NBC Talent Show “The Voice?”

Cee-Lo Adam Levine NBC Singing Competition Judge

Move over, American Idol! “Forget You” singer Cee-Lo Green and Adam Levine, who has belted out hits like “She Will Be Loved” and “Sunday Morning” during his tenure as lead singer with Maroon 5, are in chats to judge Mark Burnett’s NBC singing competition The Voice, Entertainment Weekly said Wednesday.

Kelly Osbourne Material Girl By Madonna & Lourdes Ads Debut

Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Ads

Introducing the new face of Material Girl: Kelly Osbourne. On Wednesday, the slimmed-down punk rock princess made her inaugural appearance in the Spring 2011 marketing campaign for the brand, which features designs by music legend Madonna and her teen daughter Lourdes Leon. Osbourne replaces gothic Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen, who appeared in the first…

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“The X Factor” Facebook Voting

Keeping your favorite acts in the game will be just as easy as logging-on to Facebook once the American adaptation of Simon Cowell’s The X Factor premieres on FOX this fall.