Will & Kate: Now A Children’s Toy

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“This looks like fun!” your inner three-year-old screams. British toy store Early Learning Center plan to introduce a Royal Wedding toy set to mark the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton next April.

Nick Carter “Just One Kiss” VIDEO Premiere

Boy bander Nick Carter is giving the solo album thing another whirl before the Backstreet Boys embark on a summer tour with fellow former pop sensations New Kids on the Block. Carter returns to the music scene with the release of the new single, “Just One Kiss,” the first single from his upcoming LP, I’m…

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Annie Lennox’s Charity Work Earns Honor From Queen Elizabeth

Annie Lennox Honored By Queen

Dame Annie Lennox? Not yet, but the ’80s pop star has been awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) medal in Queen Elizabeth II’s New Year’s Honors List for her charity work in the fight against AIDS, Buckingham Palace said Friday.

No Servants For Prince William & Kate Middleton

The new face of Britain’s Royal Family give new meaning to the phrase “Do-It-Yourself…” The likely future king and queen already do their own cooking, cleaning and shopping at the rented cottage where they spend weekends together off the northwest coast of Wales. They plan to continue that servant-free lifestyle after their buzzed-about wedding at…

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John Travolta On “Dancing With The Stars?”

John Travolta Dancing With The Stars Snub

It’s no secret: John Travolta can bust “Stupid Dope Moves” (That’s hip-hop speak for: “He’s a great dancer…”), but reality TV fans will have to wait just a little longer for ABC producers to convince the fleet-footed actor to showcase the fancy footwork that dazzled cinema audiences in Pulp Fiction and Staying Alive on the…

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Bill Clinton Pamela Anderson PETA Person Of The Year 2010

Bill Clinton PETA Person Of The Year

Pamela Anderson: ’90s Sex Symbol, Eternal Friend to the Animals. On Friday, the former Baywatch babe was honored for her tireless efforts to end animal cruelty when she was named People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) 2010 Person of the Year. The announcement comes on the heels of reports that a second PETA…

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Harry Smith Says Goodbye To “The Early Show”

The new year will mark a new day for CBS’ flagship breakfast program, The Early Show. Exiting Early Show anchor Harry Smith reflected on his 17 years as a CBS Morning anchor and received a special message from Oprah Winfrey.

Cee-Lo Gwyneth Paltrow Duet?

Hey ‘Crunchers! Hope you’re being kind to your livers this final Friday of 2010. Itching for a little holiday dish? Well, feast your eyes on this news about a hot celebrity combo likely headed our way in 2011.

New Year’s Eve Crunch Crumbs: Pastor Rips Off Parishioner; The Original Selena Earns Postage Stamp; Detroit Man Facing Jail Time For Snooping Through Cheating Wife’s Email

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Happy New Year’s Eve! May ’11 bring Peace, Prosperity, and plenty of Cosmopolitans! Bring in 2011 like “It’s 1999,” but no drinking and driving! We’ve got more than 12 hours before party time, so for now Castina’s here to help you get your Daily Scoop of Celebrity Dish with a list of tantilizing holiday links.…

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Katy Perry Without Makeup Picture

Katy Perry No Makeup Picture

Russell Brand’s got a lot to learn about life as a married man. Lesson No. 1: All Yes or No Questions Are To Be Answered with a Prompt “Yes/No, Dear….” Lesson No. 2: Diamonds & Rubies Trump Flowers & Candy Everytime…. and Perhaps Most Importantly; Lesson No. 3: Never TwitPic Candid Photos of Your Superstar…

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Joe Francis Christina McLarty Split


Turns out, Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis really isn’t “The Marrying Kind.” Imagine that…. In a press statement issued Thursday evening, Francis and his wife of seven weeks, Arkansas-born CBS newscaster Christina McLarty, confirmed that they are calling it quits.

Michael Jackson Autopsy TV Reenactment Met With Outrage

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Creepiest TV Show Ever? In mid-January, Britain’s Discovery Channel will air an European TV special called Michael Jackson’s Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson?, which for reasons unknown includes a reenactment of the “Thriller” singer’s autopsy.