Lindsay Lohan “Dancing With The Stars” Deal In The Works?


When Lohan Family Pal Ethan Terra revealed that actress Lindsay Lohan had no shortage of a half dozen job offers waiting for her once she wraps up her fifth stint in drug rehab next month, he forgot to mention that one of the most high-profile potential comeback projects being eyed for LiLo is a role…

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Is Matt Kemp Cheating On Rihanna?

Matt Kemp Cheating

Caught with his pants down? Is Matt swinging his bat for another woman? Rihanna likely won’t be feeling like “The Only Girl in the World” once she gets wind of this newly-linked video footage of her beau — Dodgers slugger Matt Kemp — snuggling up with an anonymous babe on the streets of Los Angeles.

Nate Berkus Hospitalized With Appendicitis

The Fabu World of Home Decor Will Have To Wait: Oprah protege Nate Berkus will undergo an appendectomy after being hospitalized with appendicitis following a Tuesday morning appearance on The TODAY Show, a rep for the interior decorator tells PEOPLE.

10 Hottest Aliens in Movies


Let me tell you why I love science fiction movies. For a start there are the spacecrafts, the mysterious and diverse planets, and the rich and intelligent plots. But also, there are the babes. Ah, the babes! How lucky we are that the writers, directors and producers of these movies seem hell-bent on festooning their…

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