10 Hottest CEOs’ Wives of 2010


Money and power. These keys to any city also count as the keys to many a girl’s heart – not to say panties! – and no one knows this better than the chief execs of some of the big names in big business. Boy do these big guys get babes. Some may sneer and call…

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Paris Hilton Blacklisted In Las Vegas?

Paris Hilton’s millions are no longer welcome in Sin City, Las Vegas snitches squealed to PEOPLE Magazine Tuesday. It was a wild — and not very good — week for the hotel heiress. First there was that break-in at her Los Angeles home by a knife-wielding burglar. Then came that arrest Friday on the Vegas…

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Oval Office Makeover

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The Oval Office just got an “Extreme Makeover.” The Presidential Batcave was completely redecorated while The Obamas were on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, The White House said Tuesday.