The South Gets A “Jersey Shore” Spinoff “Redneck Riviera”

Jersey Shore Spinoff Redneck Riviera

Snooki meets Larry The Cable Guy in Redneck Riviera…. Well folks, we’ve officially heard it all….If you’re a proud Southerner with a pickup truck, a Confederate flag, and a penchant for Nascar and Martina McBride, Code Red Productions would like to talk to you! The blogosphere has been set ablaze with news about yet another…

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Kim Kardashian Making Stink Over Enquirer Burrito Report


Kim Kardashian is raising a stink over a tabloid report claiming she stunk up a flight from Los Angeles to Miami by bringing some foul-smelling Tex-Mex on-board the plane. In an item featured in the May 10 issue of The National Enquirer, the tab’s resident Gossip Guy Mike Walker claimed the reality starlet recently hopped…

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Miley Cyrus “Can’t Be Tamed” Song AUDIO

Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed Song

It’s a big Friday for new music: Check out Miley Cyrus’ new single “Can’t Be Tamed,” the title track from her upcoming album — set for release on June 22. CLICK HERE to listen on MySpace!

New “Sex And The City 2″ Poster Features All Four Stars

New Sex And The City 2 Poster

The gang’s all here: Just a few more weeks until a brigade of Manolos and Cosmos descend on the box office once again. Sex And The City 2 – the sequel to 2008’s hit chick flick — opens in theaters on May 27 and the latest promo poster for the eagerly-awaited film hit the blogosphere…

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