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The 2010 50 Hottest Women of Radio


One of our all time most popular posts was the original 50 hottest women of radio. We had tons of emails and comments, and so we’ve decided to make it a yearly feature. Turnover in the radio industry being what it is we don’t think that’ll be too tough. This is the most research intensive thing we do all year, by far. It requires looking through the websites of hundreds of radio stations, sifting through thousands of pictures, and it all takes many, many manhours. In the end though we are pretty satisfied with our 50 this year, and we think it’s an improvement on last year’s list. Let us know what you think in the comments, and definitely tell us if we’ve left out someone from your hometown that you think should have been included.

50. Sarah Fraser – 99.5 Washington, D.C.

Last Years Ranking: Not Ranked

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49. Tall Cathy 96.1 Pittsburgh, PA

Last Years Ranking: 43

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48. Katie Sommers – Tampa 93.3

Last Years Ranking: Not Ranked

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47. Megan Yz – Y94 Fargo, North Dakota

Last Years Ranking: Not Ranked

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46. Nikki Blakk – 107.7 San Francisco, Ca

Last Years Ranking: 45

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45. Casey – 96.5 Philadelphia, Pa

Last Years Ranking: 50

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44. Angela Cortez – 96.1 Colorado Springs, Co

Last Years Ranking: Not Ranked

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43. Uptown Angela – Q93 New Orleans, La

Last Years Ranking: 37

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42. Tessa Hall – WAPE Jacksonville, Fl

Last Years Ranking: 35

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41. Jen Toohey – Q104 Cleveland, Oh

Last Years Ranking: 31

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Click here for The 2010 50 Hottest Women Of Radio: 40-31!

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