“Jersey Shore” Porn Parody

If you thought the Seinfeld Porno was gag-worthy, just wait until you get a load of Jersey Shore XXX: An adult entertainment company has announced plans to produce an X-rated spoof inspired by MTV’s controversial reality series Jersey Shore. The porn purveyors at Zero Tolerance Entertainment are busily working on a project that will transform…

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Kate Gosselin Dating Show


Hey guys, looking for love in the new year? How about a date with Kate Gosselin? The reality-starring mother of eight is fresh off a divorce from hot mess of a hubby Jon Gosselin and may be looking for long-lasting love on the small screen, according to a scoop from PopEater.com. The former star of…

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Kim Kardashian Denies Tweeting For Dollars

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Reality starlet Kim Kardashian has responded to allegations that she pockets up to $10,000 per Tweet to endorse products for QuickTrim, Reebox, and promote a new line of premiunm salads from West Coast fast food giant Carl’s Jr. “I want to clear this up because there has been a lot of talk about this. Carl’s…

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