Scarlett Johansson Marilyn Monroe “My Week With Marilyn” Movie


And in news that will send Lindsay Lohan’s head popping right off her shoulders, Lost In Translation’s Scarlett Johansson, 24, is at the top of a list of seasoned actresses being considered by director Simon Curtis and producer David Parfitt to play blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe in a new motion picture. The Daily Mail’s Showbiz…

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Roseanne Hitler Burnt Jew Cookies Photos Spark Outrage


Roseanne Barr is speaking out on her decision to slip on a wig and mustache and step into the role of psychopathic mass murderer Adolf Hilter in a new spoof photoshoot for Jewish humor magazine Heeb. In one image, Roseanne is seen baking gingerbread man cookies, which are referred to as “Burnt Jew Cookies” in…

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“Ugly Betty” Makeover

Television’s Betty Suarez may be getting a new look. Now that America Ferrera’s fashion-challenged Latina is officially a Mode editor, ABC is reportedly asking focus groups to weigh in new looks for Ugly Betty’s big fourth season, premiering later this year. Possible plans for the new B. include ditching the braces, and even glamming up…

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Marie Osmond Talk Show Shelved

Bad news for Marie Osmond fans. We hear the Mormon mom’s proposed talk show, Marie, won’t be hitting the airwaves — at least not this season. On Friday, Program Partners announced that the midday chatfest won’t be going forward with its original Fall 2009 launch date due to the economy and recent downturns in the…

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