Robert Pattinson “How To Be” Trailer

Before Twilight, Robert Pattinson cut his fangs on a role in an independent comedy called How to Be. Pattz stars as Art, a struggling musician who moves in with his parents and hires a self-help guru after being dumped by his girlfriend. The movie–which has been making the rounds at film festivals over the past…

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Halle Berry “Ellen” Video (03/31/09)

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry, 43, showed off some moves and discussed the likelihood of daughter Nahla getting a little sister or brother on Tueday’s Ellen.

Britney Spears Chase Benz Romantically Linked

Britney’s got a love jones for a K-Fed lookalike. The pop star reportedly has a crush on a backup dancer who looks exactly like her ex-husband Kevin Federline. Some people just never learn…..

Michelle Obama Rebuffs Pregnancy Rumors

First Lady Michelle Obama has laughed off rumors that she is expecting a third child. Mrs. Obama set of whispers of a secret pregnancy early this month after pictures showed what appeared to be a pudge around her stomach. “I was like: ‘Baby bump? As hard as I work on my abs?’ Here’s the scoop:…

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