Listen To Rihanna “Whippin’ My Hair”

Even a beating can’t keep down a “Good Girl Gone Bad.” Battered pop tart Rihanna’s got a spankin’ new uptempo track heating up the Web this Friday. PopCrunch presents Rihanna singing the Dream and Tricky Stewart-produced track “Whippin’ My Hair.” Ummm–we don’t think using the term “whippin’” in a song title is a very good…

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First Lady Michelle Obama White House Portrait


First Lady Michelle Obama has posed for her official White House portrait. In the photograph,which was released on Friday, Mrs. O smiles radiantly in the Blue Room of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue wearing a black, sleeveless dress designed by Michael Kors.

Kim Kardashian 2010 Calendar Photoshoot


Kim Kardashian is rebounding nicely after angering animal rights activists earlier this week by posting photographs of “Suzy The Chimp,” the Kardashian family new pet “monkey,” on her Official Blog. (As many of us already know, chimpanzees are apes, not monkeys, apparently, that little tidbit was news to Kim.) The E! reality star recently ventured…

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Rob Lowe “The View” Video (Feb. 27)

The ladies of The View tried to pry a few details about what will be going on Sunday’s big two-hour episode of Brothers & Sisters when series star Rob Lowe stopped by the morning gabfest on Friday. Rob’s not talking, but he did say: “The show’s taking a huge turn. It will affect me, it…

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