Diddy John McCain/Sarah Palin YouTube Vlog

Diddy has something to say about Senator John McCain’s transparent and strategic selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the nation’s potential next Vice-President.

Sarah Palin Sportscaster Video

Check out Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin as 24-year-old Sarah Heath, a sportscaster for KTUU-TV in Anchorage, Alaska, circa 1988.

Obsessive Ryan Seacrest Eyebrow Grooming

Notorious metrosexual (or homosexual, depending on who’s telling the story) Ryan Seacrest is obsessed with maintaining the perfect brow. “He’s more concerned with them then his hair,” says a Star Magazine insider at the Anastasia Soare Salon in Beverly Hills, where Ry’s brows are plucked and tweezed into the perfect arch every six weeks. “Ryan…

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Christina Ricci Child Therapist

Christina Ricci, a child therapist? The oddball actress, who struggled with anorexia and other self-image issues during her awkward teen years, is studying online to become a certified counselor in an effort to give back to youths as troubled as she once was. The New York, I Love You star, 28, wants “to learn how…

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Halle Berry Baby Nahla Ariela Aubry Pictures

Celebrity shutterbugs have snapped the first clear public photos of Halle Berry’s five-month-old daughter. The snaps were taken as the darling Nahla Ariela Aubry enjoyed her first trip to the Los Angeles Zoo, accompanied by her Oscar-winning mom and maternal Grandma Judith Hawkins, on Saturday.

“Tori Spelling Is A Liar,” Shannen Doherty Says

Shannen Doherty has branded former Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Tori Spelling a liar after the daughter of the show’s creator claimed Doherty and actress Jennie Garth had a fistfight fourteen years ago in her 2008 autobiography, sTori Telling.

Democratic National Convention Barack Obama Acceptance Speech Ratings

How did Barack Obama’s riveting acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention fair in the ratings? Nielsen has just released the figures for last night’s Day 4 of Democratic National Convention last night, which was covered by ten networks. Check Out The Numbers Here

Michael Phelps Disney World “America’s Homecoming Parade”

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps greeted a cheering crowd during a parade at Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park, outside Orlando, on Friday. Michael, who brought home a record-breaking eight gold medals from the Beijing Games, was the guest of honor at Disney’s “America’s Homecoming Parade” this afternoon.

Madonna Haircare Products

Madonna is expanding her multimillion dollar empire by investing in a haircare line developed by her longtime mane man Andy LeCompte. “Madonna sees how much Jessica Simpson made off of her hairdo line with Ken Paves, and she wants a piece of the action,” says a Star Magazine insider.