Psychiatrist Planned Britney Spears Hospitalization


Britney Spears’ psychiatrist has been secretly planning to have the popwreck admitted to the psychiatric unit of UCLA Medical Center for quite some time, according to a Los Angeles Times report. The L.A Times reports that Britney’s admittance was actually a carefully planned event that had been orchestrated over time.

Ashlee Simpson “Bittersweet World” Club Tour


Ashlee Simpson is working with her manager dad Joe on putting together a club tour to promote her upcoming third album Bittersweet World. The album will be released in late March/early April 2008. Accompanied by a DJ, Ashlee is planning to hit clubs around the country performing tracks from the LP beginning in February.

People Magazine Heath Ledger Drug Video Photo Stills


Prior to >Entertainment Tonight/The Insider backing out of plans to air a so-called Heath Ledger Drug Tape, People Magazine reportedly promised to publish stills from the video in next week’s issue. No word on whether or not People will move forward with plans to publish the photos.

Heath Ledger Drug Video Cease & Desist Letter: “Entertainment Tonight” Pulls Heath Ledger Drug Party Video After Publicist Letter

It appears Entertainment Tonight’s decision not to air 2006 video footage of late actor Heath Ledger abusing cocaine has more to do with a scathing letter from Heath’s publicist questioning the show’s ethics, that made the rounds throughout the Hollywood wire on Wednesday, as opposed to any attack of conscious or new found “respect” for…

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Madonna Sunsilk Super Bowl Ad $10 Million: Madonna Super Bowl 2008 Sunsilk “Life Can’t Wait” Campaign $10 Million

Madonna was paid $10 million to appear in the new advertising campaign for Sunsilk. The Material Girl’s thirty second debut in the Sunsilk “Life Can’t Wait” campaign, co-starring Marilyn Monroe and Shakira, will premiere during the the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. Shakira clocked just…

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