No more love for Jessica

Jessica Simpson "love"

It’s official. The Newlyweds are finally over, dunzo, totally effing finito, with obviously no possibility for the reconciliation that’s been hinted at by the tabs for months. This actually makes me kind of sad. Granted, she’s dumber than a rock, but they seemed in love. I really thought these crazy kids were gonna make it.…

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Jennifer Aniston Arrested!

Jennifer Aniston

From The Post Chronicle: An arrest has been made in the case of the stolen Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt photographs. Yes, ‘Brangelina’ have their baby shower pictures back. According to a published report, law enforcement officials have arrested a suspect who allegedly stole around 450 pictures of the ‘Brangelina’ family photos taken in Namibia…

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Does he make you proud, Christy Lee Worsham??

Taylor Hicks SINGS!

In news absolutely no one cares about, Taylor Hicks’ first crush has finally been FOUND!! I didn’t know she was lost. Oh well. Apparently this chick was the first object of Taylor Hicks’ affections. If you don’t mind, I’d rather refer to her as The Luckiest Woman Alive. I mean, seriously. Look at this guy.…

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Bellies Everywhere!


Alright, the competition has kicked itself up a notch! Angleina posed for nude paintings during her pregnancy, but wouldn’t let anyone see them. Maybe they aren’t even real … hmm … Facing this Britney had to pose nude on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar! She looks lovely, even is we don’t believe she’s any closer…

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