20 Underrated Travel Destinations To Visit In Your Twenties


You’ve got a new job, a new apartment and a new lease on life. Your twenties are about trying new things and learning how to adult, and even if you don’t have it down yet (who does?), one thing every twenty something wants to do is travel. You may have been to Europe in college: you probably (most definitely) went to Paris, London and Amsterdam. But did you think of these 20 underrated travel destinations all over the world? Check them out for a unique travel experience you can do either over the weekend, or when you take your vacation from work!

20. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Like Venice, there are no cars allowed on Mackinac Island, making this Michigan destination a haven from the rat race. Instead, there are a lot of bicycles and fudge! That’s right: this island is known for their heavenly chocolate treats.

19. Brussels

Brussels is often passed over in favor of Paris and London, but that’s a true shame. Come to Brussels for the beautiful art nouveau architecture, the North Sea oysters, and the feeling like you’re in real Europe, unmarred by tourist traps and gimmicks.

18. Nara, Japan

Near Kyoto, Nara is less crowded with people and just as full of Buddhist temples. Explore the old city and visit the traditional townhouses called machiya. Oh, and did we mention that Nara is the birthplace of sake? Breweries abound.

17. Doubtful Sound, New Zealand

The Doubtful Sound in New Zealand boasts unbelievably beautiful natural views and a trip down the Sound itself. Travel through untouched wilderness.

16. Dresden, Germany

Dresden was almost completely destroyed in the final days of World War II and was built back up in the allowing decades. Dresden boasts Baroque architecture, Semper Opera, Zwinger Palace and Brühl’s Terrace.

15. Galway, Ireland

Galway is rich in Irish culture and heritage: most people speak of mix of English and Gaelic, and there are more pubs than houses (or at least that’s what it seems like)! The streets are colorful, and so are the people and the culture.

14. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is the perfect destination for winter sports like skiing, but it also boasts some of the most beautiful canyons, delicious food culture, and an interesting cultural and religious history. Explore downtown Salt Lake City and Park City for a bustling nightlife.

13. The Philippines

The Philippines’ 7,000 islands boasts endless amounts of water activities, gorgeous views and an amazingly rich cultural experience.

12. Bhutan

Life in Bhutan is completely ruled by Vajrayana Buddhism. Come here to learn about a peaceful religion and to immerse yourself in the culture.

11. Providence, Rhode Island

Providence rivals Boston for the New England charm, complete with a vibrant arts scene, a beautiful waterfront and a flourishing food culture.

10. Adelaide, Australia

Skip Sydney for Adelaide, and enjoy “the city of churches.” Adelaide has grown out of its stuffy reputation into a city bursting with culture and avant-garde art. See the Adelaide Fringe Festival or the the biennial Adelaide Festival of the Arts in February and March, respectively.

9. Puebla, Mexico

Puebla is known for its history as the city that contributed to Mexican independence, creating “Cinco de Mayo.” There’s so much history here to salivate over, and as an added bonus, the food is incredible and definitely authentic!

8. Glasgow, Scotland

Some say Glasgow has the best music scene in Britain, beating even London and Manchester. With the vibrant music scene, beautiful vintage shops, bustling nightlife and bursting food scene, there’s something for everyone in this underrated British city.

7. Denver, Colorado

Denver abounds with brewpubs these days, a hearken back to their beginnings when the first standing structure was a saloon. The food and beer don’t disappoint in The Mile High City.

6. Stromboli, Italy

Located 30 miles north of Sicily, Stromboli’s active volcano is a destination for the strong of heart. It’s a beautiful volcano, surrounded on all sides by beautiful ocean views.

5. Mozambique

The clear blue water and gorgeous beaches of Mozambique are heaven on earth for those who love scuba diving, swimming, sailing and lying on a beach reading. So, basically everyone. There are 600 miles of beach here to take full advantage of.

4. Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada cultivates a cowboy feeling as the hometown of the Calgary Stampede, the world’s most famous rodeo. But it’s also an energetic mix of country and city, with tall skyscrapers dotting the landscape of Alberta’s largest city. Go on top of the observation deck of Calgary Tower to see the city at its finest.

3. Durban, South Africa

Go swim in beaches like the Blue Lagoon and the Bay of Plenty while overlooking the Indian Ocean in this thriving, multicultural South African city. There’s a large Indian population, which means delicious, authentic curries! Also visit the Botanic Gardens and explore the city’s diverse architecture.

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia has gotten younger lately, no longer just the home of that symbol of American freedom, the Liberty Bell. The food scene has exploded lately, as have the arts culture and the music scene. Go for the diverse food culture, and stay for the museums.

1. Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska

Denali National Park is virtually untouched by man, and is instead populated with wild animals free to roam, with gorgeous scenic mountain views and a total escape from the developed world. Camp here in the summertime to get away from the real world.

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Lisa is a freelance writer and bibliophile living on the outskirts of New York City. She likes 2 a.m. with a good book, takes cream in her coffee and heavily filters her photos. Check out her blog The Most Happy, her Instagram, and Twitter.

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