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20 Times When Yearbook Editors Massively Failed Or Succeeded At Their Job


The high school yearbook is a running record of your four years in the American education system. From heartbreaks to hookups, and everything in between, you can look back on that record and remember some of the best times in your young life. At most schools, the high school yearbook is put together by a team of students who work under the supervision of a teacher or other members of the school’s staff. Typically the pictures are fair, the quotes are double-checked, and the overall structure remains fairly average from one institution to the next. However, on occasion we are treated to some high school yearbook mistakes and decisions that make us laugh, think, and most often, question high school education in America.

1. The Real ‘Birdman’Birdman in HIgh School yearbook

2. Here Kitty Kitty Kitty.

Cat Costume in High School Yearbook

3. This Was Definitely Planned ANd Pretty Creative.

Creative Guys looking at each other in high school yearbook

4. This is what happens When You Refuse To Give A Quote.

Didnt want a quote in the high school yearbook - too bad for her

5. The best Yearbook Prank I Have Seen.

Funny High School Yearbook Photo

6. Apparently This Was Taken Before The iPhone Was Invented.

Guy Talking on Banana In High School yearbook

7. Her Grammar Was Forgive Thanks to No Child Left Behind.

High School Yearbook Goat Error

8. Home RUn Hitler!

Home Run Hitler - High School yearbook

9. This Student Was Just Horsing Around

Horse in High School Yearbook

10. Another Creative placement That was Definitely Staged.

Inventive High School Yearbook Photo

11. I’m Batman.

Kid Dressed as Batman in High School Yearbook

12. Someone Decided This Was Some Poor Kids Best Photo.

Making Funny Face In High School yearbook

13. Apparently These Teachers Were All Former Motorcycle Cops.

Mustached teachers in high school yearbook

14. Peek-A-Boo.

Peeking out from inside the high school Yearbook

15. Someone Accidentally Gave All Janitorial Staff Members The Same Photo.

Same Photo For All Janitors High School Yearbook

16. Sharing Opinions. That Pretty Much Sounds Exactly Like High School.

Shart Opinions in High School Yearbook

17. The Lizard Teacher.

Teacher Holding a Lizard for High School yearbook

18. THis JOKER changed out A Nurse Photo.

The Joker as a High School Nurse

19. WHere’s Waldo? Oh There He Is.

Wheres Waldo in High School Yearbook

20. The Wong And Wright Photo Page.

Wong and Wright - High School Yearbook Photo

TELL US: Which high school yearbook photo is your favorite in this collection?

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James Vanderhoff is a former editor at http://www.popcrunch.com

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