20 Stupid Misconceptions That People Still Believe

From radio hosts to teachers to text books to school kids to email forwards to motivational speakers. The same tried and true tales come out that are meant to prove a point — except many of them are completely wrong. These 20 cases are all common misconceptions that continue to be bandied about, despite having been proved wrong over and over — and no matter how many times we point them out, people still believe them.

20. Albert Einstein struggled at school

It’s a great myth told by many a parent of struggling child: “Johnny has trouble with math, but that’s okay, Albert Einstein failed it!” Look, there are many celebrities who floundered academically. Musicians and artists especially. Einstein? Einstein was a whiz at physics and mathematics from an early age, despite what Ripley’s Believe Or Not would have you believe. When asked about the claim, Einstein responded “I never failed in mathematics. Before I was fifteen I had mastered differential and integral calculus.” He was constantly beyond his classmates, and was generally an excellent student.

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