20 famous movie scenes that were created with miniature models

Back to the Future: Part III

Back to the Future

The Back to The Future trilogy was ahead of its time when the movies came out in movie theaters. There was a ton of special effects that had to go into making these movies happen. I mean… it was a movie about time travel. Each of the three movies had their big scene with trying to get the DeLorean back to 1985. But a little known fact was that the steam engine train scene in Back to The Future Part III was actually done using a miniature model. I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to be in a car being pushed by a train either!



It’s probably not too surprising to learn that the original Superman – well, original unless you count the one from the 60s with George Reeve – used a lot of models, considering it was shot nearly forty years ago, but it’s still pretty neat to see this scale model of Gotham City circa 1978 in action. Apparently, they shot Christopher Reeves’ flying scenes using an early version of green screening, with Reeves lying on a board of some sort. (Or maybe the board ran along his back, beneath his leotard? Something like that. Hey, Google’s right there.)

Superman Returns

 Superman Returns

Brian Singer doesn’t half-ass things. His first big success, The Usual Suspects, basically ushered in that twist-ending trend that was so cool for a little while until it seemed like every other film that came out had some sort of unforeseen third-act twist where the rug gets pulled out from under the audience. Unfortunately, a little of that goes a long way, which might explain what happened to M. Night Shyamalan. Take a look at that picture there, though. Brian Singer is in control. Everything that’s going to happen in Metropolis is going to happen exactly as he wants it to. Wonder what the rent is on some of those buildings beneath the tracks.

Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence Day will forever be the iconic movie that we all watch on July 4th as America’s “fight song” against extra terrestrials. Starring Will Smith as the lead bad ass, Independence Day shows scenes of man vs alien battling it out with spaceships and military jets. There is one scene in particular that many people remember though when Will Smith is flying through the caves, trying to avoid being hunted by an alien ship. It looks so real on film, but this scene was actually filmed in a miniature model of the real thing.

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