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20 Dogs Who Think They Are Totally Hidden But Aren’t


Sometimes dogs much like children think they are totally hiding when they close their eyes and then yep it’s like magic. They are hidden. Like they have some magical childhood fairy gift that allows them to hide in plain sight.

PopCrunch’s Mexico Field Desk put together this collection of photos where dogs have seemingly the same magical powers of hiding in plain sight. Good thing we can’t see any of them right ?

Dog1This puppy forgot he grew up already.

Dog2I can see you. But you can’t see me.

Dog3I thought it was a good idea.

He can’t see me. I have been magically transformed.

Dog5Good try. I think he can see me. Or maybe not.

Dog6I’ve got this under control.

Dog7Who says only cats can get into boxes ?

Dog8The best place to be is close to the food. He won’t find me here.

Determination yields success.

Dog10It’s better to eat the stolen pizza in my secret lair.

Dog11I almost had him, hey what’s that other dog doing here ?

If I stick my head under here I’m sure the rest of me magically disappears. Right ?

Dog13If I don’t breathe he will never find me.

DOG14Two minds think better than one. Well except this time.

Dog15This camo job is all too dangerous.

Dog16Hey he’s here but I’m not.

Dog17This is the warmest hiding place I have ever found.

Dog18I close my eyes and I am gone.

Dog19The important thing is not how well I hide it’s how much I smile and everything fades to black.

Dog20Momma said if I close my eyes and think happy thoughts everything goes away.

David Paul Krug
David Paul Krug is the founder of PopCrunch, and currently serves as its General Manager. He has 15 years of experience running high traffic websites, and he is a movie addict, and loves independent music, sports, boxing, and UFC.

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