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20 Bizarre and Creepy Video Games


People love video games because it gives the normal, everyday Joe Schmoe to become an entirely different person for a short period of time. Joe Schmoe can be a villain, a hero, a sexy woman, a wolf, a dragon, a Pokemon, or an oddly shaped block trying to fit in snuggly amongst other oddly-shaped blocks.

The opportunity to temporarily transform brings out the creeps — fetishes and creepy fantasies abound. Creeps are usually socially inept nerds, and nerds tend to be smart, computer savvy individuals with odd ambitions. Inevitably, a slew of creepy and disturbing video games have been spawned both by and for these interesting creatures of the basement.

Here are 20 creepy video games developed solely for people who should be rounded up and forced to live in a giant house together — now that would make a great reality television show.


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