The 20 Absolutely Worst Things Guys Say In Bed

16. “Can I Record This?”

Worst things guys can say in bed

First off, if you want to record a session of intense sex-having, you absolutely need the other person’s permission. But this is something that’s better discussed beforehand with a stable partner. If it’s someone you just met, assume the option is completely off the table. But no matter what and no matter who you’re with, don’t you dare ask while you’re in the middle of it.

15. “Can We Turn Off The Lights?”

worst things you can say in bed

You fell into bed without turning off the lights, the clothes are flying off, and you’re not exactly sure you like what you see. The delicate way to handle this is to make a polite excuse and just leave, but if you’re committed to seeing things through, you have to commit to the conditions under which things began. Asking part way to turn off the lights is tantamount to complete rejection of your partner, and she’s not likely to take it well. Alternatively …

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