The 20 Absolutely Worst Things Guys Say In Bed

18. “Shut Up”

Worst Pickup Lines

Here’s the thing — you’re not allowed to overshare. But if she wants to talk during sex, you let her. If she wants to crack a joke here and there, you should be able to laugh and let her get away with it. If you’re the type that needs complete silence and concentration to keep your knob up, she’s probably going to pick up on that and think you’re kind of creepy.

So don’t talk to much, but let her talk as much as she wants.

17. Someone Else’s Name

20 worst things you can say in bed

If you didn’t catch her name at the bar, don’t try to guess. If you’re thinking about your ex, stop. Live in the moment. If you’re thinking about your mom, you need therapy. No matter what, don’t say someone else’s name. If she says yours and you’re not sure what hers is, deflect with something like “Oh God, it feels so good” so as to avoid suspicion.

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