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$17 Million In Cocaine Accidentally Delivered To Supermarkets


Cocaine delivered to Aldi

Mom this refined sugar is making my heart race like a fucking hummingbird! German supermarket employees were surprised when a “logistical mistake” left the store holding onto $17 million in market-ready cocaine. The shipment was accidentally delivered to several Aldi locations throughout Berlin. The cocaine, which originated in Colombia, was accidentally sent to fourteen different Aldi locations throughout the city.

In a public statement Aldi says its employees stumbled upon the cocaine when unpacking banana boxes.

This story would be pretty unique if not for the fact that Aldi also received an $8.2 million cocaine shipment four months ago. The first batch had a purity rate of 55%. Officials have not revealed the purity rate of the current cocaine.

Forget marijuana, banana’s are obviously the new gateway drug. Remember kids, smoke pot… don’t eat banana’s unless you want to become a coke head or a crack addict.

James Vanderhoff
James Vanderhoff is a former editor at http://www.popcrunch.com

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