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16 Gorgeous Women Who Were Born Guys


Transsexual lifestyles have been receiving a lot of press attention since the emergence of Caitlyn Jenner in to the limelight a year ago. Yet, while Caitlyn may have grabbed the headlines; trans-women have been working as models and in television and film for a long time. Today we bring you 16 gorgeous women who were born guys.

Andre Pejic


Andre Pejic isn’t, strictly speaking, fully transgender. Instead Andre makes their living by modeling for both male and female fashion shows. He’s represented Jean-Paul Gaultier on the catwalk for their ladies range and has been ranked in both the Top 50 Male Models in the world as well as the 100 sexiest women in the world.

Kim Petras


Kim began life as Tim. Today she’s one of Germany’s hottest teen pop stars. She transitioned at the very early age of 12 and while headlines declaring her to be the “youngest transsexual ever” are incorrect – it is unusual for a transsexual to be able to make an early gender transition. She didn’t, however, complete gender reassignment surgery until she turned 16.

Lea T


Brazil has a large transsexual community and it’s no surprise that Lea T is Brazilian. She’s succeeded beyond the wildest imagination of most Brazilians though and is one of the most in demand models in the world. She’s a particular favorite of Givenchy.

Isis King


Isis is one of America’s best known transgender celebrities. She gained massive public recognition for having appeared on American’s Next Top Model where she became the first transgender star of the show and was seen on two seasons before continuing her modeling career.



It’s not easy to transition in every corner of the globe and Harisu’s gender reassignment in the 1990s took place in South Korea. She was only the second person in the country to be allowed to legally change their gender and she had to wait until 2002 to be allowed to do so.

Chamila Asanka


Proving that there are no borders when it comes to changing gender is Sri Lanka’s Chamila Asanka. She’s a big deal in the global fashion industry where she models for a ton of different labels. She’s also been part of the “Miss International Queen” beauty pageant.

Jenna Talackova


A little closer to home we’ll find Canada’s first transgender Miss Universe contestant, Jenna Talackova. She was also its first transgender finalist. She had to raise a legal challenge in order to be allowed to compete but in the end – Canada’s equality laws triumphed and set a permanent precedent for trans-women for the future.

Caroline “Tula” Cossey


Caroline is a British trans woman. She’s also a global superstar in the trans-community and the wider community too. She starred in “The Living Daylights” the James Bond movie starring Timothy Dalton as James Bond. Her autobiography; “I am a Woman” is world famous and it explains her life as a model and an actress.

Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore

Amanda is an American success story. She’s a model as well as a performer and hostess. She’s reached the top with an incredible amount of business skills and is considered something of an entertainment and fashion icon. She’s regularly worked with Heatherette as the face of their brand and featured in David LaChappelle’s work too.

Helen Wong


Born in Guizhou, China – Helen Wong is, perhaps, most famous under her stage name – Allenina. She’s a model, dancer, actress and also works directing films. She spent her childhood in Hong Kong before finally moving to the US full time at the age of 17. She’s also a graduate of the University of Southern California (USC).

Yasmin Lee

Yasmin Lee 2 (1)

Yasmin is the best of all worlds with a mixture of Thai, Khmer, Chinese and Brazilian backgrounds. She started life in Thailand and then moved to California a little later in life. She joined the US Navy at the tender age of 18 but had to quit thanks to the amount of sexual harassment she received. She felt that she had no choice but to work as a make-up artist for porn stars due to discrimination but eventually found her way into the mainstream where she now works in TV and film.

Eva Robin’s


Eva is from Italy and has been both an actress and a transgender activist. She doesn’t consider herself to be transsexual though – she considers herself to be androgynous. However, she developed breasts at puberty entirely naturally and feels that means she was meant to live as a woman. The apostrophe in her last name comes from a misspelling of “Robbins” (from the writer Harold Robbins).

Carla Antonelli


Carla is from the Canary Islands and is a prominent LGBT activist. She was elected to the Spanish government and was the first trans-person to achieve this political status. She’s also worked on Spain’s Gender Identity Act and won a number of international awards for her efforts on the act and as an activist.

Miriam Rivera


Miriam began life in Mexico and has starred on several reality TV shows including “There’s Something about Miriam”. She’s not interested in having gender reassignment surgery as she believes it might lead to the loss of sensation. She is currently based in Spain after having spent some time working in the United Kingdom as an escort.

Jamie Clayton


Jamie is an American model and actress. She’s starred in the interactive online TV show “Dirty Work” and also in “Hung” where she played the role of Kyla. She’s also hosted a trans make over show on VH1 and when she’s not on the screen – she’s in a rock band called Roma!

Chen Lili


China’s best known transsexual actress, singer and model is Chen Lili. She fought to be allowed to attend beauty pageants in the 2000s and was one of the first Chinese transgender individuals to be allowed an ID card which established her as a legal woman. She lost her battle to represent China in a Miss Universe competition but in a change of heart – the organizers allowed her to perform at the show instead.



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