These are the 15 worst type of people to date on Tinder

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The One Who Gets Right To The Point In Their Description


This person states exactly why they’re on tinder in their description. Screw getting to know someone, this person gets straight to the point of trying to date you, marry you or just simply bang you. For some people this is great, for others it just takes the fun out of being mysterious.

The One Whose Too Busy To Be On Tinder


This is the person who will take the time out of their day to message you saying, “Sorry, I’m busy” or “I don’t have much free time”. Don’t lie to us, if you don’t want to talk to me, unmatch me. Tinder is an app that is pretty similar to standard text messaging and I know you text while you’re at work.

The One Who Only Has Group Shot Photos


This is the person that has six images on their page, but for some reason none of them are solo shots. Even though it’s kind of weird to hold onto your friends for confidence on a dating app, a small part of me understands this method but for Pete’s sake, which one are you?

The One Whose Actually A Swinger

This is the person that’s been married for three years to a fellow swinger and is looking for some new fresh meat to throw into the ring. This person will never be able to approach you in a way that isn’t creepy or demeaning. It’s a little hard to take the fact that you and your wife are using me to spice up the relationship as a compliment, but thanks for the offer.

The One Who Created An Account For An Inanimate Object

grilled cheese

This is the person that for some reason created a fake Facebook account to create a fake Tinder account for something ridiculous like grilled cheese or nachos. Dare I swipe right on a beautiful grilled cheese just to possibly be turned down? Or what if I miss my chance with a lovely plate of nachos? The real question is: Who are you and why are you this bored with your life?

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