These are the 15 worst type of people to date on Tinder

The One Who Tries To Guilt Trip You


This person is someone you’ve been messaging for a grand total of 4 hours. You wait and take a break in between your short replies even though you’re not busy because you don’t want to lead them on. You’ll say something hinting that this isn’t the best connection in the world, but they push on and tell you that maybe you’ll have a better connection and to give them a chance by getting drinks with them. Like, tonight. Yeah, I’m gonna have to pass on that one.

The One Who Looks Nothing Like Their Picture


This person will have the max amount of pictures that you can squeeze onto a Tinder profile, but none of those pictures will come even remotely close to what they look like when you meet them in person. This could go two ways. You could either meet someone with hot pictures that kind of looks like a potato in person or vice versa. But hey, maybe you like potatoes and weren’t prepared to meet a hottie in person, but this option happens way less often.

The One With No Description


They person has a mixture of selfies, full body shots and group photos. They look like they have somewhat of an interesting life and an intriguing smile, but they didn’t bother to type a word into their description. Is this person interesting, are they boring or are they just a robot?

The One Whose Actually Your Ex


We’ve all done it. If you come across an ex on Tinder, you must swipe right to see if you match with them. If you match with them, you either let them awkwardly sit in your list, or if you’re bold you message them asking if you guys have met before because you think they look super familiar. If you don’t match, ouch.

The One Who Can’t Take A Hint

go away

This person is very similar to the person who tries to guilt trip you. Except for the fact that you constantly tell this person no time after time. I don’t want to hang out with you or get coffee with you, so why do you insensitively keep asking?

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