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These are the 15 worst type of people to date on Tinder

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If you are a millennial or even if you are a middle-aged single, you have probably heard of or have an account on Tinder.

For those of you who don’t know about Tinder, it is a mobile app that displays pictures and a brief bio of men and woman. With this limited amount of information you are prompted to either swipe left (not interested) or swipe right (interested). If that guy or girl does the same on your bio, then you both match, and can now chat with each other.

Tinder has been out for a few years now and people are starting to get the hang of how to use it. You can find some legitimate, datable people on Tinder if you are on it long enough and are rather picky. But over the years you also start to find certain types of people that you absolutely DO NOT want to date.

Here are the 15 worst people to date on Tinder.

The One Who Misrepresents Themselves


These type of Tinder people are the worst! This person will flirt with you a lot and probably even go as far as making a few sexual comments towards you, but when it comes time to meet in person, they pull every excuse they can out of the woodworks. If you do actually get a chance to meet them, they’re very shy and bland in comparison to their online alter ego.

The One Who Tries Too Hard


Nobody likes a person who tries to hard to get into your pants. This person can’t take a hint. You’re being ignored for a reason, stop messaging me every single day during different time periods to see if I’ll finally answer. If I didn’t get back to you the first time, I most likely will never get back to you. If you’re trying too hard on this Tinder message through, you are DEFINITELY going to be the same in a relationship.

The One Who Uses The Terrible Pick Up Lines


I feel bad for the people who have given the time of day to someone who just used the line, “I want to cover you in peanut butter and lick you until my peanut allergy kills me” on them. Actually now that I think about it, this might be the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me. Nobody likes a corny pick up line. Get creative and send a decent greeting!

The One Whose Too Straight Forward


This person will ask you to come over at odd hours of the night after swiping right on you about 2 minutes ago. Hi sir, yes we just met but I’m totally down to take a train to your apartment that’s conveniently ten miles away just so we can “Netflix and chill”. Just kidding, I enjoy my life and I’d rather steer clear of possibly being murdered tonight.

The One Who Asks Bizarre Questions


This person will ask you questions that prove that they have nothing better to do with their time than ask you things such as: What’s your favorite temperature? Is butter a carb? Back Street Boys or *NSYNC? Michael Scott or Leslie Knope? How are any of these questions relevant? The first two are google-able, but obviously *NSYNC and Leslie Knope. That one is a no brainer. But please, please don’t ask me to tell you my life story in four sentences.

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