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15 Things Your Woman Would Like You to Do In Bed



Not everyone’s a good communicator when it comes to getting naked and getting what they want in the sack. If you’re worried that your partner isn’t able to tell you her fantasies then why not give her a helping hand and learn the 15 things your woman would like you to do in bed (but might be too shy to tell you about)?

Make Out With Her


Don’t rush to the sex bit without making her feel wanted first. Make sure that you spend some time kissing, sucking face, or whatever you call it before moving on to more of a main course. You must use your tongue but don’t overdo it – she doesn’t want to feel like she’s been snogged by a sixth-grader but she does want you to warm the engines and show her you’re into her.

Be Bold, Make Eye Contact


Tell her with your eyes that you want her and that you want her now. Confidence is a turn on; though don’t do this all the time – being a horny dog with no concern for her is not a turn on. Make sure you let her know what’s coming with your eyes.

Undress Her… Slowly


The longer you can draw out the undressing; the more confidence she will have and the more wild and willing she will be. Undressing can be foreplay when it’s done right; so do it right.

Make Some Noise


Be primal, growl, roar, moan and pant it makes her feel like a sexual goddess and lets her know that she’s doing things right for you. It’s the primal, animal part of you connecting with the same part of her.

Play With Her Nipples


Women’s breasts are sex organs and erogenous zones. That means that in the main they’d appreciate it if you stopped to pay attention to them before heading below the waist (or on your way back up). You can play with them, suck on them and even gently use your teeth but no biting or twisting (unless she specifically asks for that of course).

Foreplay and Lots Of It


Sure, there are times for a quickie when you throw caution to the wind and just have at the main event but most of the time; your lady would like a lot of attention please. She’ll normally return the favor too so don’t see it as a “waste of time” but rather as an investment in your own pleasure.

Learn Where Her Clitoris Is and Learn to Love It


Don’t flinch but the clitoris is, in essence, a tiny lady penis. It’s where the majority of nerve endings are that bring her sexual pleasure. While many women are not able to climax through vaginal intercourse; you can often blow her mind if you learn how to lick and manipulate the clit properly. If you don’t know where it is – use Google to find out (though preferably not at work).

Lift Her Up


Women like a man to be a man during sex and what better way to show her how manly you are than to lift her up? It also opens the doors for plenty of different possibilities as to where you can have sex – it’s not just for the bed you know.

Give Her Compliments


Women, just like men, can feel a little insecure about their bodies. By vocalizing how much you like what you see – you can make those insecurities disappear and make her feel sexier than ever before. When she feels sexy, she’s going to be sexy.

Try Being Dominant


This won’t necessarily work for every woman (or indeed every man) but there’s often a certain head rush associated with a man who takes charge in the bedroom. Push her against the wall (though for goodness sake don’t hurt her) and tell her that you’re going to have her, now.

Tie Her Up


This can be combined with the last tip or used all on its own. If you tie her up and let her surrender her body to you; it can be one of the greatest moments of bedroom fun. Make certain that you use soft materials for this; blood loss to the extremities is never erotic.

Be Romantic


On the flip side from all the semi-S&M stuff is the act of being romantic. Fill the room with scented candles and scatter rose petals all over the place. Give her a sensual massage and leave her begging for more. A glass of champagne can’t hurt either. Make her feel special and desired and trigger all her inner pleasures.

Introduce a Little Role Play


You can always dress up as a fireman, a policeman, an army ranger or whatever else feels masculine and interesting. Uniforms are a harmless way of adding a little fantasy to your bedroom and adding a little va va voom to the proceedings. Please note that if your ideal form of dress up involves wearing her clothes or an animal costume; you might want to talk that through with her before springing a surprise in the bedroom.

Bring a Little Food Play to the Bedroom


Get some spray can cream or a little runny honey and erotically put it on your partner’s body; we’ll leave you to decide what deserves the most attention in the right order. Then lick it off her. This is a great way to ensure she gets the licks, kisses and nibbles she needs to feel horny without it feeling like a chore.

Give Her More Head


We know, you’re an enlightened guy and you always try to get down there for at least a few seconds of the time you spend naked but here’s the thing; you need to spend more time down there to get her off – lots more time. You also need to show that you’re loving the act; she wants to feel desired not like you’re licking the bowl because your parents told you that you couldn’t have any pudding otherwise.


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