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15 of the strangest sex toys ever invented and sold to the public


Bacon Condoms

Bacon Condom

I have heard about flavored condoms and I know there are plenty of bacon lovers out there so it was only a matter of time before these two came together. There is now a new meaning to breakfast in bed with Bacon Condoms. I wonder what the nutrition facts are around these though…

Area 51 Blow Up Doll

Area 51

For all you believers out there, the Area 51 love doll is perfect for you. Looks like this was made for those who want to venture into restricted areas. If you know what I mean. With its purple skin and 3 breasts, it’s definitely one of the most strange sex toys on the market.

The G String Condom

G String Condom

I don’t see the reason this needs to exist. Seems like an extra step in an already awkward process. Now you need to step into a condom too!? It seems there is an extra area at the bottom of the condom as well that is used to cover up other parts of the male body part. This all just seems logistically difficult.

Jessica Harper
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