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15 of the strangest sex toys ever invented and sold to the public


Vibrating Tongue

Vibrating Tongue

An interesting take on the traditional vibrator with the Vibrating Tongue. With a high, medium and low setting you can decide the pace of the tongue. Doesn’t seem to have a setting to spell out the alphabet though.

Dildo shaped like an orcas penis

Orca Penis

There seems to be a trend between animal parts and strange sex toys. Shaped like an orcas penis, this dildo is for the whale lovers. The real question here though is around how they got the mold for the dildo. Hmm…

Take Home Tiger Love Doll

Take Tiger Home

We all know Tiger Woods as the famous golf pro. We also have heard about his controversial history with woman. Now it looks like any woman can take Tiger home with them as well. With this love doll, Tiger is “always ready to play another hole.”

Jessica Harper
Jessica Harper fills her days by listening to underground EP's and strange European dance mixes. She loves a good lyric and never misses a chance to catch her favorite groups in concert. She is also a big movie fan, having received her B.S. in film studies. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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