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15 of the strangest sex toys ever invented and sold to the public

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It’s always good to spice things up in the bedroom by utilizing a few extra props in your normal routine.

We have heard and seem many of these types of sex toys before and maybe even used a few. These range from massagers, lubes and handcuffs. Sex toys that we see in movies and on TV. These have become the norm and most familiar.

But there is a whole other world out there when it comes to sex toys that most of us don’t even know about. Objects that you could never imagine people would want to use have become part of people’s sexual routines. Take a look at the 15 strangest sex toys on the market that people are actually buying!

The Vagankle


The foot itself looks strangely realistic with attention to detail down to the toe nails and all. Not too sure where the demand for a sex toy like this comes from though. Maybe this is a great two-for-one for those with foot fetishes!

Overall it seems logistically difficult but maybe not for some. The real question is though; do the Vajankles come in different foot sizes and colors?

The Squildo


Here’s a good one for you squid lovers out there. Made of brass, this sex toy is for the collectors. Although the Squildo looks offaly sharp and unsafe at the tentacles area. Seems there could be some unforeseen injuries.

There’s a nice touch with what can be considered a squid vein going up the top of it’s “head.” I could only imagine they also create the “Giant Squid” as well.

Baby Jesus Butt Plug

Baby Jesus Butt Plug

Woah. This one is really out there! An interesting mix of religion and sex toys with Baby Jesus being part of the mix. Definitely something you don’t see every day.

For those who are a bit more religious I guess this is for you. But I don’t see any case where Baby Jesus should ever find his way into the bedroom.

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