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15 signs you and your girlfriend are an old married couple

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You consistently are asking each other where you put things around the house


Being forgetful usually comes with old age. We associate it with the older generation. But something happens when you are living with your girlfriend. You become more forgetful by nature. Both of you begin to get in rhythms and when a rhythm is broken and something is put out of place, you begin to lose EVERYTHING. That is when you start asking each other daily where you put everything because none of you ever can remember.

You go to the bathroom with the door open


You have officially reached the pinnacle of your relationship being an old married couple when you begin going to the bathroom with the door open. I mean, why not? You have been together for so long you have seen all of each other’s body parts any way. And you most likely have seen each other do some pretty gross things before. It’s a sign of trust. And a sign you’re now an old married couple.

Your favorite store to go to together is Home Goods


Now that you and your girlfriend have moved in together, it’s time to start filling it in with some furniture and nick nacks. No longer is your favorite place to go to get a little wild the club. Instead you like to frequent Home Goods and get a little wild by picking out some new paper towel holders. This is it. You now know you’ve become an old married couple.

Naps are your favorite activity together


You no longer can go a full day without taking a nap together. Typically for an hour or longer. This has become your favorite past time. The long day of doing nothing has now made you tired and it’s time to sleep it off. But you wouldn’t want to have it any other way. What could be better? Getting close with your love one while you get cozy in bed. Gone are the days of wild days and here come the days of snoozes.

You know what each other are thinking without saying anything


You have been together for so long and you have been in so many situations together that you have grown to understand what each other is thinking in every situation. It doesn’t take much. A simple smirk, grunt, or even just a deep stare of the eyes your way for you to pick up what each other is thinking.

You nag on each other about the small things


During the honeymoon phase of your relationship, you let the small things go. There’s no reason to nit pick about them because you are so invested in the relationship that you can easily get over them. But as time goes on, those small things become large things and you can’t help but nag about them every day.

You are okay with looking like a slob in front of them


Gone are the days of making sure you are wearing the best outfit in front of them. Hell, you don’t care if you’re wearing an outfit at all in front of them anymore. You have grown so comfortable with each other that you could wear the same t-shirt and shorts for three days in a row and not care. It’s not that you don’t want to look good for them, it’s just that you are too comfortable in your broken-in favorite clothes.

Sex becomes infrequent and stale


When you first started dating, the sex would come all the time. There was no location or time of day that wasn’t off limits. But then time goes on and sex all the time becomes sex some times. And that’s not the worst of it. The sex that you do have becomes lazy and stale. All the passion has been lost.

You can sit in a room and not speak to each other and be okay with it


Just like best friends, your relationship is at a status where you no longer need to fill the empty silence with conversation. You have gotten to the point where you can be on your iPad while she is reading her book and both of you are perfectly comfortable. It’s not that you both don’t want to speak with each other, it’s that you have nothing new to share with each other. And that’s okay. It’s what old married couples do.

Most of your text conversations revolve around what you want to eat later

Not Talking

Like all great old married couples, your relationship has gotten to a point where it revolves around food. While you are eating breakfast together you are thinking about lunch. When you are eating lunch together you are thinking about what to eat for dinner. While you are both away at work you are texting each other what you both want to pick up for dinner. Typically your conversations revolve around this topic because it’s one of your favorite activities to do together.

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