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15 signs you and your girlfriend are an old married couple

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Being in relationships can be amazing. Especially during the beginning months more commonly known as the “honeymoon period.” Over time your relationship begins to move into much deeper understanding of each other. You begin forming quarks and routines together.

These quarks and routines begin putting your relationship into a new category. A category that very few are able to find themselves in. I am talking about the category of “the old married couple.” We all know this couple. We sometimes despise this couple because of what they represent. But here are the 15 signs you and your girlfriend are becoming an old married couple.

Your version of a wild Friday night is staying in and hanging on the couch

Couple Couch

While all of your friends are out at the bars or house parties, you and your girlfriend are at home hanging on the couch. Why? Because that is your favorite spot in the world together. No need to get all fancy and dressed up. The couch is where you can be in pajamas and pig out on food. The couch is where you can lay and spoon together while you watch Friday night television. This is your new wild night.

You would much rather be at home than the party you’re at

Couple Bored

Over the years going out to parties with your girlfriend becomes less and less exciting. Maybe it’s because the days of getting wasted and searching for girls are over. Why would you need to? You have one there with you already. Now it’s you and your girlfriend pretending to care about the stories your single and drunk friends ramble on about. All the while you are wishing you are back home, in comfy clothes.

You have TV shows that you MUST watch together each week

Watching Netflix

You and your girlfriend have your own shows that you individually love to watch. But over your time together you have found those few select TV shows that both of you cling on to together. You started from season 1, episode 1 and now you both are hooked. You MUST be in your living room watching the show together no matter what other activities arise that night. This has become your weekly routine.

She dresses you every morning


Let’s face it, you don’t know what to wear. There’s so many rules and choices. Don’t wear white after Labor Day. Don’t wear black with blue. And don’t get me started on matching the tie with the outfit. Your girlfriend eventually takes over this responsibility for you every morning so you don’t have to keep getting it wrong. Like most things in your relationship, she has made you a better man by clothing you every day.

You argue over what to order for dinner


This is one of the easiest ways you know you have become an old married couple. Fighting over what to order for dinner. One of you wants Chinese, the other, pizza. But you just had pizza for lunch and she hates how the Chinese place you order from always gets the order wrong. All the while, your hunger is just growing your anger. It’s quite the quandary.

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