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15 People Who Were Fired For Social Media



Social media is everywhere and it has become a part of everyone’s lives. Sadly, for the 15 folks we’re going to be looking at today – social media is social – and that means it’s as much a part of your boss’s life as it is your own. It might be a good idea to think twice before saying something on social media or you might end up unemployed. That’s exactly what happened to these 15 people and here’s why:

Fired Before She Started


If you get a job offer; it’s probably a good idea not to go online and ridicule your new employer as Connor Riley found when Cisco offered her an opportunity. Her tweet read; “Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.”

It didn’t take long before Cisco shot back; “Who is the hiring manager? I’m sure they would love to know you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web.” Game over for Connor.

Writing Open Letters to The Boss Isn’t a Win

Talia Jane worked for Yelp right up until she posted this letter on Medium to their CEO Jeremy Stoppleman. 80% of your wage going on rent each month might suck but do you know what sucks worse? Being fired for writing public letters complaining about it. Yelp’s HR department let Talai Jane go for violating Yelp’s “Terms of Conduct”.

Jury Duty Comes With Obligations


An anonymous juror found herself being thrown off the team in Burnley Crown Court, Lancashire, UK for failing to uphold standards. Instead of doing the hard work of reviewing the evidence to decide on the suspect’s guilt; she decided to get her Facebook friends to vote on it instead. “I don’t know which way to go, so I’m holding a poll.” Fortunately, for her – the judge didn’t charge her with contempt.

Don’t Mess With The Stars


Jon-Barret Ingels decided to go on social media to complain about Jane Adams, from HBO’s Hung, leaving a restaurant without paying the check. Jane took this in good part and sent her agent down to pay the bill. Then Ingels decided to up the ante and complain about the lack of a tip on social media too. Jane arrived a few weeks later and handed him $3 and then spoke to his management about his online activity. Ingels got the boot.

Don’t Tell Racist Jokes About Serious Diseases


Justine Sacco has paid and paid for her moment of Twitter idiocy. As a communications director, you’d think she’d have known that tweeting; “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white.” would get her into trouble. But apparently she didn’t. Not only did she get fired but it’s been almost impossible for her to rebuild her life in the aftermath too.

Seriously, Don’t Pee on the Food


Cameron Jankowski of Fort Wayne may be the dumbest of all the people on this list. In his role as a Taco Bell employee – he tweeted a picture of himself urinating all over a plate of nachos. The he got fired. Then Anonymous, that seriously talented group of global hackers, punished him by leaking all his personal info in a YouTube video.

Teachers Might Want to Stick to the Curriculum


Carly McKinney was a teacher. Right up to the point that she decided to tweet pictures of herself in a state of undress, smoking a joint with the message; “Naked. Wet. Stoned.”

As you might imagine – teachers aren’t supposed to be nude, drug fiends and that was the end of that for Carly.

Yes, That Job Sucks. No, Don’t Tell the World


Cella, a teenager, decided to tell the world all about her new job in a pizzeria. “Ew I start this fuck ass job tomorrow.” to be precise. Sadly for Cella, her new boss found the Tweet and decided to fire her – on Twitter – before she even got started.

Sometimes Life Really Isn’t Fair


Ashley Payne, was on holiday in Europe when she posted a shot of herself drinking on Facebook. The school she worked for found out and decided that between that and “the use of the ‘b’ word on the page” it was enough to get her fired. Never mind she was on holiday. Never mind she had locked down her page with maximum privacy settings. Life really can suck sometimes but it shows just how careful people need to be with social media.

Natural Disasters Really Aren’t Funny


Aflac is the largest insurance company in Japan. If you work for a Japanese insurance company; it’s probably best not to tell jokes about the tsunami which devastated the country. This simple idea was one that Gilbert Gottfried, the comedian who once voiced the Aflac duck for commercials, couldn’t keep up with. His Tweet; “Japan is really advanced. They don’t go the beach. The beach comes to them.” Was one of several that got Gilbert a chance to join the unemployment line.

Don’t Draw on People


This is a lesson Caitlin Davis, a cheerleader working with the New England Patriots, perhaps should have learned earlier in life. Caitlin was 18 years old when she decided to stick up pictures of a drunk friend with her standing over him and having written several unpleasant things on his unconscious form. “Penis” might not have been so bad but “I’m a Jew” accompanied by a bunch of Nazi swastikas are probably what got her fired.

Yes, Getting Fired Can Happen En Masse


If you work for a company; it’s best to be respectful of them and their customers on social media. Farm Boy is a Canadian grocery chain. Their employees were neither of these things. They set up a Facebook group that was called “I got Farm Boy’d” which ridiculed other staff members and the store’s clients. No surprises that all 7 group members got their pink slips the day that the owners discovered the page.

Secret Identities Must Stay Secret


An anonymous St Louis non-profit worker got herself fired because of a social media blunder. The 37 year old single mum is also a sex blogger and that, in itself, wasn’t the problem. Her sex blog was written without her name attached to it. Unfortunately, she didn’t pay quite so much attention to keeping her Twitter account secret and when she started promoting blog posts – she outed herself to the world. Her employers felt that her extra-curricular activities reflected poorly on them and her job was gone.

Jokes About Children’s Sex Lives Are A Really Bad Idea


Catherine Deveny, former writer for The Melbourne based paper “The Age” and Australian comedian, made the incredible mistake of firing out a stream of toxic jokes about a celebrity award ceremony. She was walking on very thin ice already when she decided to joke about Steve Irwin’s 11 year old daughter – saying she hoped she got laid. As you might expect; The Age decided they’d had enough of Catherine at that point and promptly fired her.

Friend or Foe – Keep Your Mouth Shut


The British Labour Party politician, Stuart MacLennan, lost his job the day he decided to Tweet about other politicians. Sadly for Stuart he failed to grasp the subtle nuances of political banter and took to Twitter to say “David Cameron is a t***” and “Nick Clegg is a b******”. Then he decided to start referring to senior citizens as “coffin dodgers”. There really are no surprises as to why Stuart isn’t with the party any more.

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