15 Painfully Annoying News Personalities


TV programmers call those personalities who make many of us grab the remote, “instant tune-out factors.” It’s commonplace that news networks keep at least one outspoken personality on hand for the buzz, and it’s been shown to work. Whether it be sports or world news, these newscasters may come across as dumb, have irritating voices, or be completely out of their minds, amongst other things. Here are 15 of the most painfully annoying news personalities that really turn us off, and tune us out.

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is a right-wing talk-show host and all around irritating person. Well-known for his gig on CNN, he recently moved to Fox News earlier this year; a move that proved to leave a gaping hole in CNN’s Department of Embarrassing Conservatives Kept Around to Seem Less Biased. But we’re not complaining, Fox can have him. Beck will leave you with a bright red mark on your forehead from all the face-palming you’ll be doing after watching him create nonsense infographics on chalkboards.

Nancy Grace

Arguing from a victim’s standpoint is Nancy Grace’s specialty, and it would be admirable if she weren’t so irritating, venomous and loud-mouthed. Host of her self-titled program on CNN, Nancy won’t spare a soul who speaks against her. As a former prosecutor, she should know not to slide down the slippery slope, but she’s pure fail in that department. Not only that, but she will report on the same story every day for literally months on end (Casey Anthony, anyone?), which is enough to make anyone’s head explode.

Larry King


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We respect Larry King, he’s been with CNN for several hundred years and he’s a hot commodity in the news world. So, what makes him so annoying? The way he looks at the camera. He just turns to the camera and gives it a sad, dying look. We know he’s getting up there in age, but “the look” has kind of always been his M.O. Oh well, at least he has a hot wife.

Lou Dobbs

Remember that empty slot Glenn Beck left in CNN’s Department of Embarrassing Conservatives We Keep Around to Seem Less Biased? Well, Lou Dobbs filled it, except he’s more of a bi-polar, racist nutjob when it comes to politics. His favorite thing to rant on is immigration and it really hasn’t helped the rash of xenophobia hitting the nation’s headlines as of late. He once went as far as to circulate a fabricated story of how illegal immigrants were spreading leprosy.

Rick Sanchez

Alright, we can respect the fact that Rick Sanchez called out Fox News reporting from his CNN Newsroom spot, but his newscasts seem to be more about his overinflated ego than about the news. He’s pretty intense. So intense that his words get jumbled. Overall, he’s bearable if you’re in the mood for loudly delivered news from a Geraldo wannabe.

TJ Holmes


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The females seem to love to melt over CNN weekend anchor TJ Holmes. Personally, we think that his delivery is sappy and about as real as a spray on tan. He seems intent on showing some sort of bravado that comes off as just plain rude, like a sniveling little kid talking down to his parents. At least he only airs on the weekends. Please take him back, San Francisco? 

Soledad O’Brien


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Soledad O’Brien was given the “Special Correspondent” title over at CNN after failing as a morning anchor. Frankly, we don’t see what’s so special about her. She’s currently a host on the “In America” documentary unit and is, by all means, well educated and well rounded in her career. We just don’t know why; she’s been called “unremarkable” by former colleagues. We think her catchy name carries her.

Megyn Kelly

If it says anything about Megyn, her suggested search results usually end with “hot” and “legs.” It’s basically her only worth on the Internet. A while back, she got her panties in a wad about the Britney Spears song “If U Seek Amy,” and went on a bit of a rant in the name of “protecting our children” from profanity. Not much longer after that, it was discovered that Megyn was portrayed in Spears’ music video of the song. Of course, she assumed that Spears was a fan of hers and invited her onto the show. She should get over herself already.

Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck should probably be the world’s most epic bromance, if it isn’t already. O’Reilly is host of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, which happens to be the most watched cable news program in the United States. He’s been on TV since the 70’s, and has definitely received a lot of flak for his work; he’s been accused of distorting facts and using misleading or completely erroneous statistics. He loves to rant about illegal immigration and has quite the potty mouth.

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity has to be the most stubborn newscasters to ever live. Everyone is wrong, and he’s right — it’s as simple as that. Watching his on-air clashes can be tiring, to say the least. If you’re up to catching his show, tune in to Hannity, on Fox News for some of his conservative views.

Al Roker

Al Roker is annoyingly unfunny, but in his mind, he’s hilarious. A weatherman on NBC’s Today Show, Roker never hesitates to dance around like a fool, make fun of his colleagues, or laugh at himself with his uber irritating laugh. We’re not laughing, and we’re tired of watching his weight issues.

Chris Berman

Host of various ESPN spots, Chris Berman makes this list despite his sports newscasting background. He’s repetitive, loud, and potty-mouthed. By far, the worst is how repetitive he is… “duuh, duuh, duuh.” It’s an interesting candid clip we found, with Berman rambling on about his Canadian codeine. Though the really fun one reminds us of the uncensored O’Reilly freakout. We’d much rather get our sports news online.

Neil Cavuto

Neil Cavuto is host of Your World with Neil Cavuto and Cavuto on Business on Fox News. How he managed to land more than one show is baffling, considering how rude he is. He likes to interrupt people with insults, inaccurate facts, statements and theories — the latter alone severely damaging his credibility on more than one occasion. He doesn’t acknowledge the opposite side of an argument, which isn’t an uncommon trait on this list. We’re actually quite confused as to why his program is called Your World… when he’s clearly in his own.

Keith Olbermann

We commend MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann for slamming Glenn Beck at every turn, in every way, but Keith — you’re cheesy, so you made it onto the list. Olbermann is way too animated when he reports the news, and we suspect it’s from his sportscasting background, but it’s a little bit much. We’re sure anyone would appreciate a little less character in their newscast. The goofy faces, voices and eyebrow expressions are killing us.

Ann Coulter

While Ann Coutler doesn’t have her own show, it’s for good reason. Not only does she sound like Big Bird, she’s widely known to be evil incarnate. She knows it too — and she doesn’t hide it. Google her and you’d find a slew of idiot commentaries from her; the one above is just a nice example. It’s well known that National Review Online fired her not for what she wrote, but for her complete lack of professionalism, loyalty and friendship, which adds to her expansive list of demons. If she and Glenn Beck had a child, it would probably be the rebirth of Vigo the Carpathian.

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