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15 of the Trashiest People to Ever Become Famous


Celebrities are just like regular people, only with tons and tons of money. Despite their acting or singing talents which brought them the spotlight to begin with, celebrities’ personalities don’t always shine so bright. Here are some of the trashiest people to ever become famous.


Pop singer Ke$ha is literally Taylor Swift after a week of binge drinking and promiscuous sex. People everywhere are calling her the ‘trashy version’ of America’s sweetheart. Her life story is more commendable than she would lead you to believe it deserves to be; Ke$ha came from a poor family that was unable to buy her fancy clothes or expensive things, making her fashion options extremely limited. When life gave her garbage, Ke$ha made garbage juice by creating her own style in which she would accentuate her flaws instead of attempt to hide them. Ke$ha adopted the self proclaimed ‘garbage chic’ look as her own and ran with it. However, being a huge star hasn’t convinced her to clean up her act, which isn’t very original at all. Her lyrics are the same:

I’m talking about – everybody getting crunk, crunk
Boys trying to touch my junk, junk
Gonna smack him if he gets too drunk, drunk

Ke$ha even managed to offend a bunch of people at the Grammys just by showing up — the girl looked like a slob.


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