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15 ‘New Girl’ quotes that will be funny for all of time

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Nick, Jess, Schmidt and Winston are four lovable characters we have grown to love over the past few years on the hit Fox TV show, New Girl.

We have seen them blossom into the iconic characters we know today. Schmidt with his pretentiousness. Nick with his apathy. Jess with her child-like banter. And Winston with his. Well… weirdness.

Over the years we have heard some amazing quotes come from these four. Phrases we have gone on to laugh about for days after we heard them.

The best part about New Girl quotes is that they perfectly sum up the very nature of each character. They just wouldn’t be as funny if they didn’t come from the mouth of the person speaking them.

These are the 15 New Girl quotes that will be funny for all of time.

Yes, Nick. Yes it is.


Put a dollar in the Jar, Schmidt


We always do, Schmidty!


Well said, Nick




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