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15 Hottest Mother Daughter Combos in Show Business


Hollywood is not for want of beautiful women, or iconic show business families. There are however, much fewer attractive mother-daughter combinations than one would likely imagine. While we all know the more popular ones, there are some surprising examples, found when this topic was further investigated. Baring in mind, some of these women have passed (away or their prime), this list has been compiled to present the most beautiful mother-daughter combinations in Hollywood, even if their hotness was short-lived or long-gone.

Goldie Hawn – Kate Hudson

These two are perhaps the most famous of the mother-daughter pairings in Hollywood. These days, most recognize Hawn s simply Kate Hudson’s mom, but judging from old pics from the early 1980s (or the 1970s as above), she was quite the looker. Hudson, definitely took after her mom in the looks department, and has carved out a leading woman career for herself. In 2004, this pairing became a grandmother, and mother respectively – with the birth of Hudson’s son (fathered by The Black Crowes’ front man Chris Robinson) Ryder Russell Hudson.


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