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15 Hall of Shame Tramp Stamps


Alright, so we have to admit that the well-placed tramp stamp does have the uncanny effect of turning heads on the right body. That doesn’t make them any less skanky, or most of the time, any more tasteful. The average tramp stamp-wearer is, unfortunately, not really the kind of person you want to see a tramp stamp on. That being said, there are the truly bad tramp stamps that turn just as many heads as the good ones, because of their awe-inspiring bad-ness. These are the top 15 worst tramp stamps that we could find, all deserving of a place in the Hall of Shame.

The Bible Verse

Seriously? Is this girl so bad at sex that she needs to distract whatever unlucky guy is pounding her from behind with a lengthy text? We can see the comedic value in such a tattoo, but this girl is obviously very serious, and likely very proud of her devout show of holiness. Next time you’re wondering how nutballs like Heidi Montag live with themselves, don’t be surprised if you start thinking of this girl. 


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