15 Giant Actors With Short Careers in Hollywood

When directors need onscreen menace and sheer physical presence, they often turn to giant-sized people. Auditions, chance discoveries and worldwide searches have all proven to be stepping stones for these larger-than-life aspiring actors, but it almost seems that if you can strap on a mask and fill up the screen, whether or not you have talent is often not an issue. Unfortunately, roles for anyone over seven feet tall seem pretty limited, and giant actors frequently end up typecast as bad guys, hidden behind their masks and costumes (and perhaps moonlighting as professional wrestlers).

What’s more, the career of a giant actor in Hollywood can often be short-lived. Once you’ve played an iconic oversized character that everyone remembers (particularly if it’s a villain) you can be lumbered with that role for life – reduced to limited cameo appearances as the years drag on and the phone stops ringing.

Here, we look at 15 giant actors with short (or at least relatively short) careers in Hollywood. Some of them have had their day, others are fresh-faced and hoping for more, and still others are professional athletes hoping to pad out their Wikipedia entries. All of them, however, tower over seven feet tall – literal giants of the screen even if they never made it big.

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