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15 Celebrities Who Live with Their Parents



Many adult children still live with their parents. No big deal – but would you still live with mom and pop if you were a celebrity with millions of dollars? That would change things a little bit, right? Well, apparently not for some, because here are 15 celebrities who for one reason or another still shack up with mom and dad.

Ryan Leaf, Football Player

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As quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, Ryan Leaf was at the top of his game. But addiction to drugs proved too tough for the star athlete to tackle – or at least, too tough to tackle alone. Leaf is now leading a more sober and simple life with his parents. While residing in their home in Great Falls, Montana, Leaf sells vacation packages for a Canadian resort company.

Taylor Lautner, Actor

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To teenage girls across America, Taylor Lautner is a werewolf. In real life, the 18-year-old star of the Twilight movies still lives at home with Mom and Dad. When he gets back from filming, Lautner toldThe Today Show, he helps out around the house by mowing the lawn, and noted that it feels a bit like living a double life. Something even a werewolf could understand!

Rupesh Shingadia, Trending Internet Sensation

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Rupesh Shingadia went to the Ryder Cup a nobody, but he came back a star! Dressed in a long red wig, a Groucho Marx mustache with a cigar in his mouth, Shingadia stood in the crowd behind Tiger Woods – and ended up captured in a photograph. It didn’t take long for the image to go viral, and Shingadia became an instant Internet meme. Believe it or not, “cigar guy” has turned out to be a mild-mannered, 30-year-old investment analyst who, yes, lives with his parents.

Michelle Obama, First Lady

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When President Obama and his family moved into the White House in 2008, Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, came with them. Anticipating the full schedule that goes with being heads of state, the Obamas invited her to join them in D.C. so that she could take of their daughters. Luckily for Sasha and Malia – and Michelle and Barack too – the nations First Grandma accepted the invitation.

Dev Patel, Actor

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When Slumdog Millionaire won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2009, it catapulted Dov Patel to international stardom. The 18-year-old actor, who played the titular slumdog, received praise from critics for his acting and from fans for his big brown eyes and easy smile – all while living with his parents in his childhood home. Patel credited squabbles with his sister with “keeping him grounded.”

Ashley Dupre, Singer

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Ashley Dupre made headlines in 2008 as the call girl who brought down the career of New York Governor Elliot Spitzer. Then she got out of the prostitution ring, made a stab at a singing career, and earlier this year, was briefly associated with Howard Stern producer JD Harmeyer. When he discussed his dates with her on air, the talk show host razzed him about dating a woman who still lives with her mom – but not about dating an ex-hooker.

Nadya Suleman, Octomom

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When Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets, she became front page news – and then she revealed that she already six children! Her pregnancy gave rise to questions about the ethics of fertility treatments and the financial burden of raising so many kids. Suleman had help, however – she and her children lived with her parents in their home outside Los Angeles. Octomom bought a home for her brood with money she made from photos and interviews, but apparently is having trouble making payments on it, so she could be back home with mom and dad at any time.

Vivek Oberoi, Actor

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Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi’s parents’ can’t get him out of the house. Although they’ve given him a place of his own two times, he always come back. The 32-year-old actors’ explanation? “I missed them.” Still, Oberoi is clear that he keeps his professional life separate from his family: he’s asked his dad to stop managing his career and has signed with a professional agency. Baby steps toward actorly independence!

Josh James Duggar, Reality TV Star

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As the oldest of 19 kids, you might expect Josh James Duggar to have have jumped at an opportunity to start his own family – away from the responsibilities that go with being the oldest of the Duggar brood. Instead, as a married man, the 22-year-old and his wife and baby do indeed live in their own home – a rental on his parents’ property. At least one fan suspects that he will eventually move out to find a place of his own – leaving the rental behind to his younger siblings. Ah, hand-me-downs.

Jana Marie and John-David Duggar, Reality TV Star

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Dugger twins Jana Marie and John-David officially became adults on January 12, 2008 – but the unmarried siblings continue to live at home, where they help care for the enormous family. Unlike their wedded brother, these two don’t even get their own home on the Duggar property – they live in the house, along with their parents and (count ’em!) fifteen siblings.

Konnie Huq, TV Personality

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British children television star Konnie Huq courted a fair share of controversy during her 12-year-career on the long running children’s television program Blue Peter, from the sexy clothes she was famous for wearing off-camera to her coworker/boyfriend’s drug habit. Yet the star wasn’t all wild child: when she left Blue Peter at age 32, she still lived at home with her parents.

Rafael Nadal, Tennis Player

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Olympic gold medalist Rafael Nadal ranks among the greatest tennis players in the world. As famous for his two-handed backhand as for his signature bandanas, the Spanish star appreciates international acclaim – and the comforts of home, too. At 24, the athlete still lives with his Mom and Dad.

Maci Bookout, Reality TV Star

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Maci Bookout put her life on display for the world in the premier episode of MTV’s hit series 16 and Pregnant. The series premier featured her graduation from an accelerated high school – and her turbulent relationship with her baby’s father. Two years later, the reality TV Star is keeping busy: she goes to college classes and cares for her son, all the while living with her parents.

Alejandra Jackson, Celebrity Spouse

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It’s one thing to move back in with your parents – another to move back in with your parents-in-law! Yet that’s what happened to celebrity divorcees Alejandra Jackson and Jermaine Jackson. After the couple split, Alejandra and the kids moved in with Jermaine’s parents’ – apparently, at her ex-husbands suggestion! Some dudes will do anything save on child support.

Justin Halpern, Twitterer

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When Justin Halpern’s girlfriend dumped him, he moved in with his dad. Then the 28-year-old turned lemons into a viral twitter feed, a book deal, and a prime time sitcom. Shit My Dad Says chronicles the cantankerous musings of Halpern’s 78-year-old father, proving that moving back in with your parents can, in fact, lead to multi-media glory.


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