15 Celebrities Who Like to Get High

Marijuana. Good or evil? Is it a medicine for those who are sick? A fun, safe recreational activity or a harmful drug? The decriminalization of pot in states like California over the past couple of years has helped those unfamiliar with the stuff become aware of its positive effects, while marijuana advocates continue to spread the word and educate others on the same issues. Celebrities who are seen or support smoking have also helped pot make its way into the mainstream. Whether they’re blowing the smoke directly into the camera or smoking a joint on a decades old home movie, here are videos of stars caught smoking weed.


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Stevo-O Pot – Caught Or Not?The most amazing home videos are here

Stevo, the self-destructive drug addict from television and movie sensation Jackass, is known solely for his ridiculous antics. In this episode of the lunacy that is Stevo’s day-to-day life, he dangles a huge ziplock bag full of pot right in front of a few police officers. Instead of arresting him, they laugh it off and chalk it up to crazy ol’ Stevo being his crazy ol’ self.

Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton is notorious for being the insanely rich heir to the Hilton Hotel chain, something that she was later cut out of for being exceedingly trashy. Hilton was once co-star of a show called The Simple Life, a reality television series wherein her and Nicole Richie would visit average families around America and attempt to fit into the ‘normal’ lifestyle by working a ‘normal’ job. Each episode was full of rampant sluttiness, making out with young boys in front of their unhappy families, inappropriate behavior, cursing, and failure to complete 99% of the jobs given to the duo. Here, Hilton smokes weed at an Amsterdam cafe.

Seth Rogen

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Seth Rogen smokes during MTV’s Movie Awards, and we’re pretty sure it’s pot. Okay, so it could be a joint-like cigarette with thicker-than-normal smoke, but that’s doubtful. Everyone knows Seth Rogen smokes and advocates smoking weed — he even jokingly advises kids to drop out of school so they can smoke as much pot as possible.

Snoop Dogg

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Surprise! Rappers smoke a lot of weed, especially Snoop Dogg, who has multiple songs based solely around the stuff. Snoop has been known to boast about the quantity and quality of weed he smokes, but claimed to have given it up in mid-2007. The celibacy didn’t last for long, and soon Snoop was again toking with the best of them. This video shows Snoop smoking an enormous blunt at one of his concerts — it’s the size of a baby’s arm!

Lil’ Wayne

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Lil Wayne, or Wayne Carter, is another rapper known for his loving relationship with marijuana. During the majority of his filmed interviews, Carter can be seen casually smoking a blunt as he answers questions. The preview to his recent documentary biopic, The Carter, shows him smoking blunts in a number of scenes. We’re pretty sure Lil Wayne doesn’t smoke anything but blunts, and almost always has a cup of ‘juice’ in his hand. Unfortunately, the multi-platinum artist will be taking a break from both of those things during his stay in prison, where he now sits on gun charges.

Sarah Silverman

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Sarah Silverman is cute, funny, smart, and apparently loves smoking pot. The comedian has admitted smoking weed in her stand-up routines and in interviews; it’s even rumored that Silverman smoked weed to help her cope with her breakup with Jimmy Kimmel. Here she is haphazardly trying to light a joint in a short comedic skit.

Doug Benson

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Doug Benson recently made a movie called Super High Me, in which he attempted to recreate the fast food documentary Super Size Me. The only difference between the two was that instead of burgers, Benson was consuming marijuana on an everyday basis for thirty days. Benson also abstained from weed for a month, which comprised the boring half of his comedic documentary. Benson talks and jokes about smoking weed during his stand-up routines, and even calls audience members on stage to ask them humorously candid questions about their stance on the ‘drug’.

Marilyn Monroe

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Iconic model Marilyn Monroe was one of the most beautiful American actresses to ever live; her legacy lives on in the throes of celebrities who pay homage to her through interviews, photo shoots, personal tattoos and movies. Monroe died a tragic death, overdosing on pills when she was only 36 years old. On a lighter note, a video recently surfaced which shows Monroe enjoying a joint with some friends. She looks jovial, happy, and beautiful as ever.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger has had his fair share of political problems — he was even accused of groping a number of women in the 80s, something that fits his misogynistic and macho image. A video of the terminator smoking a joint at a birthday party also caused a media flurry. It just goes to show: the difference between a regular citizen and a celebrity performing the same mildly controversial action produces monumentally different results.

50 Cent

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Rapper 50 cent smokes a lot of weed, just like most other rappers. And just like other rappers, he brags about it, too. During a concert, 50 Cent takes a break in between a couple of lyrics to catch his breath — with weed, not oxygen.

Katt Williams

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Katt Williams smokes weed with Snoop Dogg FUNNY !!!

James | MySpace Video

This video contains no pot smoke, but makes up for that in hilarity. Katt Williams is a comedian of less-than-average height; he’s not a midget, but he’s certainly shorter than the average guy. Williams talks about his experiences smoking weed with multi-million dollar rapper Snoop Dogg.

Cheech and Chong

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Cheech and Chong is everyone’s favorite weed-wielding duo, even decades after the hilarious pot comedy Up In Smoke. The trailer alone contains scene after smoky scene of the team consuming as much pot as they can get their hands on. Today, Chong is a long-time marijuana advocate who has spoken out about the benefits of the use and legalization of marijuana.


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This clip shows Gangster’s Paradise rapper Coolio smoking weed backstage before a rap concert. This was, unfortunately, a ritual Coolio had to break when some of his 2009 shows were canceled due to a neck injury he suffered while playing basketball.

Joe Rogan

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Joe Rogan is another advocate of marijuana legalization, and has conducted interviews and radio shows in which he intelligently explains the pros of decriminalization. Rogan, of course, is a pot smoker himself — he can be seen smoking a small bowl around the 5:30 mark.

Homer Simpson

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Homer is America’s favorite doltish dad; brash, uneducated, inconsiderate, and he has a huge yellow cartoon head. Despite his shortcomings, or possibly because of them, Homer has appealed to the masses and captivated our hearts with his silly antics. He was also caught smoking some potent cartoon-pot on one episode of The Simpsons.

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