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15 Celebrities Who Are Also Comic Geeks


One might think that no one would admit to being a comic book fan, as it’s something that could be viewed as “uncool,” and thus could hurt public opinion about them. However, in recent years, “nerdy” pursuits are seeping their way into the mainstream, and celebrities are not as afraid to admit their deepest, nerdiest tendencies. The list of celeb comic nerds just may surprise you!

Seth Meyers

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The acclaimed and well-known Saturday Night Live cast member has for years enchanted viewers with his wry, witty style on “Weekend Update.” It may surprise one to learn that not only is he an avid comic book reader, but also a writer as well. Teaming up with SNL cast member Bill Hader, Meyers wrote a comic entitled “Spider Man: The Short Halloween,” and even attended a holiday party at Marvel Comics together. He admits that he likes X Men to read, but also for their “aging value.” Is it in the true spirit of a comic book fan to buy them for their value? Meyers may need to prove himself more to the comic community before they buy into his Spiderman comic. Don’t quit your day job, Seth.

Donald Glover

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Writer, actor, and comedian Donald Glover (from NBC’s Community) may not be the biggest comic book nerd, but he’s concerned enough to rise quite a controversy in the comic book world. Before Tobey MacGuire ever stepped into tights to play Peter Parker and Spiderman in the epically successful Spiderman movies, Donald Glover had thoughts of playing the famed superhero himself. It is unclear whether or not he has a stack of Spiderman books lying in his closet at home, but his commitment in attempting to rally support for his winning the part may give some indication of his hidden nerdiness. (He did make an appearance at ComicCon, although it was with his TV show cast, Community.)

Patrick Stewart

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It may not surprise to learn that Patrick Stewart, who played Jean Luc Picard on Stark Trek: The Next Generation and Professor Xavier in “X Men,” is also a comic book fan. Yet he does not simply stop at admitting to reading comics, he goes one step further. He actually wrote an introduction for the series “Tranmetrolpolitan,” a futuristic comic about a hard-hitting neo-journalist. As an avid reader of the series, it is admirable for a man with such a distinguished acting career to step out and contribute something to a world which previously he may have only been thought to appear acting in. He is not one for holding back. Patrick Stewart, apparently, will “make it so.”

Wil Wheaton

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Known for his role opposite River Phoenix in “Stand By Me,” this child star turned Internet and general geekery icon is no stranger to the world of comics. Often described as the voice of the geek community (he is referenced as being the originator of online video code of “Don’t be a dick,” later named “Wheaton’s Law”), it’s no surprise that Wil Wheaton likes comics. He is apparently working on two comic related projects, one of them being a zombie story. A repeated ComicCon attendee, each year fans wonder what project he is sure to let slip or talk about. Perhaps his zombie comic will incorporate the body the boys found in “Stand By Me,” but he has yet to comment whether this will be the case.

Brian Posehn

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You might recognize the actor and comedian Brian Posehn from his portrayal of the weird and eccentric mail guy from the comedy show Just Shoot Me, but in more recent years he has pursuing his stand-up comedy career. His weird stage presence is not just an act, however. A comic book fanatic, Posehn says that he has to read his comic books inside, no matter what the weather is. Not only does he avidly read his comics, he (like many others, it seems) is also working on a comic himself called “The Last Christmas,” the story of a battle between Santa and a zombie army.

Gerrard Way

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Lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance, Gerrard Way is also an accomplished comic book creator, as well. He wrote the series The Umbrella Academy,” which won the Eisner Award for Finite Series in 2008. (The Eisner Award, by the way, is much like the Academy Awards for movies.) The Umbrella Academy is about a group of disbanded superheroes who reunite after the death their adoptive father. They reunite to save the world. Wow, a band of pained youths getting together? Sounds just like a My Chemical Romance concert.

Patton Oswalt

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Patton Oswalt, the actor and comedian who has starred in such films as “Ratatouille” and “Big Fan,” apparently more of a “Big Fan” of comic books than sports. When questioned about his recent role-playing of a Giants fan, he admitted that he doesn’t really follow sports at all. He is too busy reading comic books. In fact, much like so many other celebrities who love comics, he has made one, as well. He made a Firefly comic.< Firefly flans erupted in glee when they found that the famed actor and comedian was an avid supporter of the comic. Perhaps they found comfort that someone who looks so normal looking actually is.

Kevin Smith

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Does it really even need to be mentioned? Kevin Smith, the director of Dogma, Clerks, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, is perhaps one of the most famous comic book lovers of our time. Besides being a consistent ComicCon speaker (including this hilarious feud he had with one of the convention’s boldest nerds), he actually own a comic book store. He used to own two (one in New Jersey, and one in LA), but one of them was shut down due to lack of business during the recession. It seems that even Kevin Smith can’t play Superman against the foils of the evil and perilous ills of the U.S. economy.

Seth Green

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Acting since the age of seven, Seth Green has been a pop culture phenomenon in recent years, most notably as the voice of Chris in the endlessly popular “Family Guy.” More recently, Green is the creator of the Adult Swim show Robot Chicken, which parodies many comic book and science ficiton books, shows, and movies. It should be no surprise, then, that Seth Green is also an avid reader and writer of comics. He has written his own comic series, Freshmen, which is about the adventures of college freshmen with extraordinary powers. It may make sense that Green wrote a series like this, as he still looks like he could be a freshman… in high school.

Megan Fox

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Okay, stay calm, nerds. Don’t get too excited, but yes, it’s true. Megan Fox, that incredibly sexy, voluptuous, steamy, angel of an actress from such films as Transformers and Transformers 2 is actually a bit of a closet nerd. In a recent interview, she was quoted as saying, “Fathom was one of my favorites. Danger Girl can be ridiculous, but sometimes it’s funny. Midnight Nation is really interesting.” Does this mean that you have a chance with her, now that you know she has a hobby in common with you? Will you finally be able to beat the captain of the football team at something, and miraculously get the girl? Probably not, but try to write her some fan mail anyway. It never hurts to have hope.

The Wachowski Brothers

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Brothers Andy and Larry Wachowski, most famous for their involvement in “The Matrix” series, as well “V For Vendetta” and “Speed Racer,” are themselves also avid comic readers. “V For Vendetta” was a popular graphic novel before it ever became a film, and they also wrote and directed “The Animatrix,” a series of comic-inspired shorts involving the world of “The Matrix.” One would expect that the brothers have a specific taste in a certain type of comic, and this is true in their favorite comics of all time: they love “Ghost in the Shell,” “The Ninja Scroll,” and “Akira.” However, growing up, they also found a love for the everyday superhero comics: “The X Men,” “Fantastic Four,” and “Thor.” It’s no surprise that they also had a taste for stoic and unsurprising characters– they caste Keanu Reeves in their films.

Bill Hader

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Alongside his Saturday Night Live cast member Seth Meyers, Bill Hader wrote a comic called “Spiderman: The Short Halloween,” and is himself a comic book reader. Yet his comic book nerd-dom might stretch farther than his partner. He put out a simple, yet significant message in defense of free speech of comics, The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. It’s an organization that sets out to make sure that comic book writers can put out pretty much whatever they want under the First Amendment. That’s all fine and good, but perhaps they should have limited his involvement in the film “Year One.” That film was a travesty.

Britney Spears

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Britney Spears? There’s no way. The pop diva turned head-shaving eccentric turned somewhat comeback singer reads comics? Can it really be true? No, it’s not, but she does have a comic book coming out that is all about her. Yes, that’s right. There is a Britney Spears comic book, and it looks as terrible as it sounds. The description of the comic is as laughable as the concept itself: “What does it take to reach those heights in the internet age? What are the hidden costs when every move makes the headlines? More than an entertainment powerhouse. More than a dancer and a musician. Britney Spears is a survivor!” It sure sounds like an inspiring story, but more than likely, it’s going to be toxic.

Nicolas Cage

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One of the biggest stars of our time, Nicolas Cage can’t go even a couple years without making a blockbuster movie, it seems. Between times of conjuring up spells (in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”) and transporting evil witches (“Season of the Witch”), Nicolas Cage actually is a huge comic book fan. His entire comic book collection sold at an auction for $1.68 million, but that’s not all. Nepehew of acclaimed film director Francis Ford Coppola, he changed his name early on his career to make a name for himself. His name is taken from a comic book character, Luke Cage. He even named his son Kal-el, the name of Superman himself. Now that’s a nerd.

Rosario Dawson

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Rosario Dawson just may be the biggest (and hottest) celebrity that nerds can hold claim to. Star of such films as “Sin City” and “Seven Pounds,” is also a huge comic book fan. She loves comic book classics like “Wolverine” and “Watchmen,” but also loves underground hits like “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.” And like pretty much every other celebrity that really loves comics, she also released her own comic in 2006, “Occult Crimes Taskforce.” And get this: she also speaks Klingon. Is there any way for this Hollywood hottie to be any nerdier?


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