15 Badass Rappers Who Played Cops On Screen

Hip-hop, like any genre of music, is not impervious to the grinding gears of time. Like all sentient beings, rappers get old too, yo! Everyone’s got bills to pay, and besides, aging badasses can’t stay angry forever, right? So what’s next on the career path? Well, how about playing an on-screen cop?

In rap circles, the po-po are often seen as the enemy. As in, “Put that blunt out, it’s five-o!” Or in more extreme cases, “Die, die, die, pig, die!” So… it’s quite a radical departure really – swapping early years of cop-hating and rule-breaking for a mature, adult appreciation of the “boys in blue.”

Still, the number of rappers who’ve moved from the ‘hood to the precinct makes it a pretty interesting and hard-to-explain phenomenon. Here’s a look at 15 rappers who went from being MCs over to the PD…

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