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12 Of The Weirdest Products For Sale On Amazon


Amazon is like the world’s biggest shopping mall, except you’re allowed to shop in your underwear and you don’t need to find the car keys. Amazon sells almost anything you could possibly think of to buy — and an awful lot of things you’d never think of. Some of them are mildly odd gag gifts, and some of them are just things that make no sense. Below, you’ll find a selection of 12 of the strangest, funniest, and weirdest products Amazon has to offer.

1. Nose Basketball

It’s a ball and a cup. Except this time, it’s attached to a pair of novelty glasses.

2. Emergency Underpants Dispenser

If you’ve ever worried that you might need five disposable pairs of underwear on the go, this is for you.

3. Tampon Flasks

It turns out that flasks disguised as other things are a pretty popular item for sneaking alcohol into dry events. However, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see another flask disguise as disturbing as this one. If sipping from a tampon appeals to you, though, Amazon has your back. The only consolation in the existence of this product is that it’s only intended for smuggling booze in your purse — there’s no indication these are actually intended for use.

4. Giant Toilet Mug

Speaking of awkward things to sip from, this mug might be a good way to comment on the quality of the coffee at the office, but it seems more likely to make the morning a little less pleasant.

5. Beer Belt/6 Pack Holster

Okay, maybe sometimes someone needs six beers to go, and doesn’t have a portable cooler. Aside from the awkwardness of having six sloshing cans of liquid around your waist, though, you should be aware that this won’t keep your beverages cool.

6. 5lb. Fat Replica

This appears to be intended as an incentive to lose weight or choose a healthy diet. Judging by the reviews, it has worked for a few people. It’s still pretty weird, though.

7. Glow-In-The-Dark Toilet Paper

Maybe this could be useful for someone who doesn’t have a night light? Unfortunately, the reviews suggest that it’s a bit coarse for its primary intended purpose — and that the ‘glow’ can come off on the skin.

8. Yodeling Pickle

It’s a pickle. It yodels. It does not vibrate. The purpose of this item is a mystery.

9. Face Slimmer

Apparently, this is sold as an exercise tool to work your jaw muscles and make your face slimmer. Presumably, the increased jaw strength will also make you capable of chewing through even the most well-done piece of meat.

10. Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank

Weirdest items on Amazon: Badonkadonk tank

Image via: Amazon

A tank. Literally a tank. For under $20k, you can buy a tank from Amazon. Of course, shipping is an additional $654.49. Still, a tank! Comes with one-way steel mesh armored windows, a sound system that includes a PA to broadcast outside the tank, and speeds up to 40MPH. Bonus feature: the thing is named Badonkadonk.

11. Crib Dribbler

Okay, don’t panic. Amazon isn’t actually selling a drip feeder for infants. It’s a prank gift box — you put the real gift inside, and have a good laugh at the recipient’s expression when they rip off the wrapping. Still, it’s worth a double-take.

12. Crusty Zombie Toenails

Okay, these would be excellent for a zombie-themed party. Still, the item description makes this one of the weirdest things on Amazon.

Ok for Human Consumption! Curly and smelly, May reek of the stench of death.

Amazon is a vast, strange place, filled with virtually everything you can imagine — but you probably never imagined any of these products! That’s why they’ve earned the title: weirdest products on Amazon.

Steph Bazzle
Steph Bazzle is a homeschooling mom who likes to write about justice, equality, and religious issues.

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